10 Billboards Coming to Johns Creek

October 20, 2014
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10 Billboards Coming to Johns Creek. City Council unanimously Voted to approve a Settlement Agreement with the Billboard Companies.


Agreement Highlights:

  • 10 Total Billboards within the City
  • 27 Preselected Locations within 8 Areas
  • Maximum Size: 14' x 48'
  • Height Range: 60' to 95'
  • 2 Sides/Billboards per Pole
  • 10' Setback from Road
  • Brightness Variable with Time and Weather
  • No flashing, animation or motion graphics: 6 ads/per minute.
  • Poles to be Clad in Brick or Stone to Match Adjacent Architecture


Highlights of the Content Restrictions:

  • No Adult Businesses
  • No Massage Parlors (not in zoning compliance)
  • No Abortion Services
  • No Bail Bonds & Pay Day Loans
  • No Pawnshops
  • No Hookah Bars
  • No Objectionable Material
  • No Terrorist Propaganda



Map indicating possible 27 Locations within the City.

Thoughts on 10 Billboards Coming to Johns Creek?

Source: City of Johns Creek, City Council Hearing Presentation Oct 20th, 2014


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