106 Year Old Rogers Bridge: Deemed Historic!

August 18, 2018
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Rogers Bridge

At 106 years old, Johns Creek's oldest resident, Rogers Bridge - is a forgotten bridge. This treasured structure has been recommended ELIGIBLE for National Register of Historic Places, by the Historic Bridge Association.

Very little records existed on the bridge until 2015. When the Johns Creek City Council voted to pursue the bridge restoration for a pedestrian connection to the Duluth park on the other side of the Chattahoochee River.

The 1912 Pin-Connected Pennsylvania thru truss bridge is 228 feet long. It is also the longest spanned bridge of that design in the State of Georgia. The entire bridge retains most of its original design elements, except for the deck, which was removed. Because of its embodiment of distinctive characteristics, it will likely get special recognition.


The 48" diameter pipe was installed in the 1980's as an emergency water line between Gwinnett County & Fulton County. Most bridges in the area are for motor vehicles, so there is little opportunity to watch the river and abundant wildlife. This makes this bridge a rare treasure.

The City of Johns Creek and the City of Duluth have been cooperatively working on a plan to restore the bridge. This will allow a pedestrian crossing between to 2 City parks. Rogers Bridge Park on the Duluth side. A multi-Use trail and future Cauley Creek Park on the Johns Creek, side.

Upon completion, spectacular views from above of the river will be enjoyed for years to come.

Source: Georgia Department of Transportation


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