141 "Freeway" Widening: DELAYED

February 27, 2017

141 "Freeway" Widening: DELAYED

- City Council has Voted to DELAY the 6 lane "Freeway" widening project, till the Comprehensive Land Use Plan is finalized, along with studies and plans that are underway.


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3 comments on “141 "Freeway" Widening: DELAYED”

  1. Will they at least proceed with adding three thru lanes at the States Bridge intersection or is everything delayed?

  2. The States Bridge intersection has been debated for many years and now we still have a delay. First it was a Michigan U Turn, then three thru lanes and now we have TSPLOST approval and still are delayed in improving that bottleneck. I realize there is a joint study with Peachtree Corners about the 141 corridor and opposition against widening the entire stretch of 141, but I hope we can at least move forward on adding an additional third thru lane at the intersection. As was mentioned in an earlier post, Why has it taken 10 years to add third thru lane and yet again we might be delayed?

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