141 to have 3 Lanes for Thru-Traffic

August 17, 2015

City Council has decided to convert the bike & acceleration lanes on 141 to additional car lanes during rush hour traffic. With this striping project, the current 2 lanes will be narrower to accommodate the 3rd lane.

There will be an increase in volume through green lights wherever the two lanes through becomes 3 lanes.  But it will be less than 50% as the right turn traffic will also be sharing that lane.
Concerns over safety, question the project as residents in subdivisions and patrons from shops wanting to enter 141 will have difficulty merging and crossing over to the turn lanes.
Cyclists will still be able to use the lanes. They are not prohibited from using the road, though it will make it more dangerous.
The only other flex lanes in Georgia are on 400.
Changes of this magnitude would require a public outreach, modeling, & safety evaluations completed prior to any GDOT approval.
It is expected this project to coincide with the ThrU intersections.



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2 comments on “141 to have 3 Lanes for Thru-Traffic”

  1. Grade separation is needed. It works well at Pleasant Hill and Buford Highway. Overpass / Tunnel is an investment that is needed for the long term at this and eventually Abbotts Bridge / 141 intersection


    I encourage you to spend some time at the GDOT website, where you can see traffic volumes over the last 20 plus years at locations throughout our city.

    I think you will then be able to draw some conclusions on your own as to what our issues might be. They would not appear to be increasing numbers of vehicles. But you can decide for yourself.

    Zoom in on the map, click on the location you are interested in, click on "More Details and Reports", and then "annual statistics".

    If you need assistance, email me I will be more than happy to assist you.

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