2 Massage Parlors on Medlock Br Closed // 3 Masseuses Arrested

January 24, 2015
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3 Masseuses Arrested! There are 2 Massage Parlors with Sordid Histories, that are Out of Business.

Ace Massage (Previously Sapphire Massage) 10360 Medlock Bridge Rd

Sapphire Massage had numerous run-ins with the police, highlighted below.Acs_Massage

WSB Report: Police Raid

WSB Report: Police Raid Again

WSB Report: Police Docs about the Raids

WSB Report: Henry County Assistant DA Resigns after Bust at Massage Parlor



Healing Touch Massage, 11600 Medlock Bridge Rd

WSB Report: Busted for Prostitution



Signage has been removed at both locations. Due to the new City Ordinance, No New Massage Parlors can open on 141/Medlock Bridge Rd.


In Other News, Not related to the Closures Above:

3 Masseuses Arrested

On 11/19 at Swan Massage, 9700 Medlock Bridge Rd.

CHEN, XIAOMEI, was arrested for City Ordinance Violation, Massage Work Permit Required.


On 12/11 at Tulip Massage, 10350 Medlock Bridge Rd.

LIU, XIUHUA & TONG, TONG,  both were arrested for Massage Establishment Violations.


*All Individuals are Considered Innocent until Proven Guilty According to Law*

Photo Sources: Google Images

Source: Johns Creek Police Dept




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