37 Main Issues: Tin Roof Troubles & Solutions

June 5, 2016

37 Main Issues! According to 37 Main's FB page, a large(40 foot) sound wall concept was denied by the City and Neighbors.



JCP obtained the engineering report commissioned by the owners of the property 37 Main is leased upon. There is no mention of a wall as the solution. (Thought that would cost a LOT of money).

The corrugated metal roof with lightweight exterior insulation is a significant cause of the problem. Isolated Gypsum Board Ceiling, acoustical doors & Concrete roof are listed as Corrective Noise Control Options.



With over 2000 signatures on the petition, fans of the establishment appeal for 37 Main to remain in Johns Creek with fair dB levels, so they can continue rocking.

With the resistance to turn the dial down, Money is the obstacle to implement improvements to contain the sound within the building. $200k is needed, and the Owners of 37 Main are unwilling to spend more.

Why not have a fundraiser? If the 2000 petitioners donated $100 each, this could easily fund the solution. 37 Main could have a celebratory concert for those that contributed. Win, win for all.

Sources: 37 Main FB page & Newcomb & Boyd Exterior Noise Study of 37 Main




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Whatever your business is, you cannot do harm to your neighbors-commercial or residential.

Were this to be any other source of pollution other than noise, it would have already been dealt with.

How much money has 37 Main spent on solutions so far? Based on what I am reading it is $0. They are waiting to know what the levels are set at, not so that they can solve the problem, but so that they can do the minimal required. In other words, it sounds like "What can we get away with?" Not a very good sign that you are trying to get along with the neighbors.

How much should they have spent? If this business is important to them, they should have spent whatever it took. Now they run the risk of losing this business at this location because they chose to do nothing so far.

Awesome that they have so many fans who support them, but that does not trump the rights of property owners-commercial and private.

There are many undeveloped pieces of commercial property in and around Johns Creek. So this is NOT just about 37 Main.


Looks like they have a curfew in place so they have to close by 9pm everyday, except Fri and Sat when they can stay open until 11pm. Also their liquor license has been suspended, but they are appealing and in the interim they are allowed to pour. Maybe these actions might have the establishment take a more serious approach to solving the noise issues.

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