5 Signs That You Are Dating an Emotional Psychopath!

October 22, 2020
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When we end a relationship, most of us start to analyze what happened and we’re trying to find the main reason for our breakup. Often times, it’s difficult to realize whether this is a coincidence or a consequence of an emotional outburst. In order to be on the safe side, we’ll help you recognize people with who you shouldn’t be in a relationship. If you happen to notice any of these symptoms, leave that person and never look back because you may be dating an emotional psychopath!

The Symptoms

You’re always blamed for problems in the relationship

Even though they know that something was their fault, their nature doesn’t allow them to admit this. Therefore, they transfer the blame onto the partner and make it look as if they made the mistake because of you!

They lie all the time to make you feel bad

Emotional psychopaths tend to tell a lot of lies. They don’t care about the other partner’s feelings and often times; they don’t even realize where they went wrong.

They blame you for their failure

These people believe that everyone around them is the culprit for their failures, but they never blame themselves. They consider their partner to be the main obstacle for his/her goals.

They don’t miss an opportunity to humiliate you

If your partner is like this, you mean to him/her as much as a dusty remote control does. This person has found the perfect solution for them-someone who can be controlled in order for them to satisfy their petty needs. In this type of relationships, the love is not mutual, but one-sided. The emotional psychopath loves himself/herself only!

They forbid you to communicate with other people

This type of partners limit the other partner’s communication with the world, they tie you to themselves to that extent that they make you believe that you can survive only by their side. Nevertheless, you need to stay away from people like this because they will take away the most precious thing you have: your life.





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