I-85 Update: How Johns Creek Could Be Impacted

April 9, 2017
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"Stupidity is the same as evil if you judge by the results" -Margaret Atwood

GDOT exhibited their negligence by utilizing the area under a bridge as permanent storage for a large number of combustibles next to structural members of a critical piece of infrastructure. The plastic conduit made from petroleum was surrounded by wooden spools, which acted as a "wick" in the fire.

Concrete cracks when exposed to high heat and the steel gets a soft causing failure, as what happened last week.

GDOT called in C.W. Matthews to rebuild the bridge. They are the construction company that took 1.5 years to widen Old Alabama Rd a measly 1/2 mile.

C.W. Matthews is also currently widening Abbotts Bridge Rd, and this project may slow down, as workers could be reassigned to the I-85 project.

Johns Creek could also be impacted by the I-85 fire, as commuters who traversed 400, could use 141 to go in town.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is calling on all those that reside North of Atlanta to have a full tank of gas, before driving downtown.


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