AAC: Land Not For Sale or Development

February 23, 2017
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According to a letter from the President of Atlanta Athletic Club, the AAC: Land Not For Sale or up for redevelopment.

Dear Members,

Many of you have already seen a rendering developed by a group commissioned by the city of Johns Creek to develop various land and road scenarios within the Johns Creek boundaries. One concept drawing specific to AAC’s property west of 141 describes a developmental plan which has appeared on social media under the title “State Bridge/Medlock Bridge Node.”

The purpose of this communication is to reaffirm the Club’s position, as I stated numerous times and again at the annual meeting this month, that the Club’s 80 plus acres across the street are not for sale. There are absolutely no plans short or long term to develop a liquidity event for our valuable property. The property is useful as it is for the Club and serves as an important asset.

It is quite presumptive of Johns Creek to develop plans for a property the city does not own. Both Kevin Carroll and I, separately, have registered our strong disappointment to Mayor Mike Bodker that the city would put us in the position of having to deal with the members’ concern regarding a hypothetical developmental plan for the Club’s west of 141 property. We have asked for the city to issue a retraction and/or clarification to what has been published with regard to the AAC property.

Please communicate this message to any of your fellow members who might question you about this topic.

As always, I am available via email or phone to discuss this matter or any other Club topic you have.

David Smith, President
Atlanta Athletic Club

Editor's Note:

AAC was NOT told about the City Consultants plans for changing the zoning that would lead to a MASSIVE redevelopment of mixed-use, apartments and commercial businesses.

There were several curb cuts in the consultant's plans, which ironically line up to the ill-placed curb cut that was placed on Old Alabama Rd. The 20-foot median originally installed, reduced the stacking lanes to go North on Medlock Bridge Rd. It was redone to its current state, shortly afterward.

You can read that post here...

The real question is why is GDOT, the City of Johns Creek and the consultants hired, continually pushing for this parcel to be redeveloped? What do you think about the AAC: Land Not For Sale?



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One comment on “AAC: Land Not For Sale or Development”

  1. Consider if you will an assumption that none of the current City Council leadership that is aware of the RZ-14-005 zoning case would ever be the instigators of this new proposal for the AAC property. This is a reasonable assumption, right? After all RZ-14-005 triggered a mass Johns Creek citizen revolt and was unanimously denied by the City Council. So, how DID this new proposal for the AAC property come about?

    Could it be the result of a group of uninformed, out-of-touch, misdirected contractors being led by a Community Development Director who has an agenda? If so, who would put together such a team? This is the core team (not the CAC) that is really heading up our 10-year Comp Plan revision. The same core team that is behind the Comp Plan survey fiasco. The same core team that keeps bringing city consultants here to indoctrinate us on high density. The same core team that keeps bringing up cookie-cutter city planning recommendations from afar to transform our premier residential community into something entirely different. Why would we possibly have such a team assigned to revise our precious Comp Plan? Doesn’t make sense, does it?

    So maybe my first assumption is wrong. After all, RZ-14-005 involved allowances for multiple deferrals and revisions. Maybe the city leadership that is really behind all of this will come forward and identify who they are for all of us voters.

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