Americans Call On Governors To Step Up To Protect Their States

May 16, 2023
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As thousands of illegal immigrants flood across the border and while the Durham report confirms our Federal Government is conspiring against us, States are calling on their Governors to assert their right to protect their citizens

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While the sheer number of illegal immigrants rushing into the Country is daunting, many are quickly reminding officials that there are no health checks for the people entering. The flood creates a vector allow unknown and often communicable diseases into the Country.

In some states residents are calling on their Governors to do what the Federal government refuses to do: quarantine and check illegals as a precaution to residents of the State and the illegals themselves.

In one example, the residents of Nevada are reaching out to Governor Lombardo to contain the immigrants, check for disease, and either have the Federal Government pay for these services or send the immigrants to Washington D.C.

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