Arizona Senator Sends Letter to all 15 Counties Advising Them to NOT Using Voting Machines

May 23, 2023
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Arizona Senate Majority Leader Sonny Borelli sent the letter to all AZ counties. The Left is quickly trying to squash the guidance.


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Arizona Counties have received a letter from the Arizona Senate Majority Leader, Sonny Borelli, advising them not to use voting machines because in part, the continued use of voting systems — “which are made with components from countries considered adversaries to the U.S.,” he wrote — has left Arizona, and the rest of the nation, “in an extremely vulnerable and dangerous position.”

Many are watching the counties reactions as the Left steps in to claim the Senator has no right to make such a demand on the counties. The Arizona AG may also be lining up against Borelli and against the notion of using paper ballots in the counties.

Meanwhile, the public waits for word on the Judge's ruling on Kari Lake trial REDO, Ms. Lake nets out the facts surrounding the case and testimony from last week:

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