Billboard Owners Fund Nazeera Dawood's Campaign

January 22, 2016

According to public records, in a Not Shocking Revelation, Nazeera Dawood accepted thousands of dollars from Billboard Company Owners.

To be specific, from the very men (Action Outdoor Advertising) that sued Johns Creek over Billboards and eventually settled with the City, resulting in Billboards in New Locations throughout the City.


What is so ironic? Many of you can recall the flurry of mailers claiming Stephanie Endres "urged City Council to allow a radical increase in the number of flashing, electronic billboards in Johns Creek".

If that is true, why didn't the Billboard Company owners donate to Stephanie Endres?



Also of interest, Large Construction Equipment Dealer, Yancey Bros, donated $1300 to Nazeera Dawood.


Source: City of Johns Creek


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8 comments on “Billboard Owners Fund Nazeera Dawood's Campaign”

  1. Discriminating against billboards is the same as discriminating against Target, Waffle House etc. they provide valuable information.

  2. I've never bought any product or service simply due to it being advertised on a billboard and I doubt that very many others have either. No they don't provide valuable information. If that is your primary guide to buying then you really don't do much useful research! They just clutter up the environment.

  3. Appears the "Anonymous" is either Action or Dawood, I'm with Alec, don't patronize any of them!! Then throw out Dawood with the other trash. Better keep an eye on her, to many back door deals shaping up around her name

  4. I would have voted for Kevin the lottery goat before I would have voted for this candidate. Still after the election we are getting information on her "interesting" campaign.

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