Chris Coughlin LANDSLIDES into VICTORY

April 19, 2017

Chris Coughlin LANDSLIDES into VICTORY.

Chris Coughlin easily defeated John Flores, 2 to 1.

We will post the final numbers in the comments when they come in.

Congrats Mr. Coughlin, on your RESOUNDING Victory!





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Great news. Good job Chris. Now there are two people who will actually represent the residents of johns creek well on the council.

Suzi Krizan

Yay Chris. Congratulations

John Flores


I want to sincerely congratulate Chris on his win last night. It was a good, hard fought campaign. I'm proud of him and excited to see the value he will add to the council. I truly mean that. I look forward to being involved and helping Chris and the Council continue to move Johns Creek forward. Division never breeds results; cohesion does. I hope that the Council and its varying viewpoints and opinions can collaborate and work well together.

Having seen some comments towards me (often times very harsh) on this website, I would like to provide some thoughts. From my knowledge, I have only personally met one person making these comments. All others blasting me, labeling me, associating me, etc. have done so having never met me. I'll be honest - that is hard to fathom. Let's run, support, win, and lose with grace.

Let me also encourage all of us to have perspective for our elected officials. Rather than sit on the sidelines barraging them with attacks, let's seek to find common ground as best as possible. Disagreements are fair. Disrespect is not. We should all strive for more than that. The truth is that they are in the ultra minority taking up the torch to run for office. Many sit on the sidelines and throw rocks and share opinions, yet very few actually make the effort to back it up and run.

I have met the Mayor once, Steve 2-3 times, Jay 2-3 times, and Cori 2-3 times. I respect them as they are dedicated public servants, but more importantly, they are good people first. I appreciate their involvement in the race, but that does not constitute being one's "puppet", "yes voter", or a would be silent supporter. Those that have taken the time to get to know me understand that I think and act independently.

I look forward to getting to know you personally, and, if interested, please do not hesitate to contact me (678.488.4760) My email is below as well.

Marsha T

Uh, where;s the email address below? Also, if you only met the mayor once, Steve a couple of times, and some others like Dawood and Cori, why were they sending out emails and such supporting you?????

John Flores

The email was put in my profile when commenting but was not visible in the post. I assure you it was not intentionally left off. [email protected]

I think we all have met people before and taken a quick likening to them. I can't speak on their behalf, but maybe they shared this experience. However, you would need to speak to them, as I do not deem it appropriate to comment on their behalf.

The opposite question is more relevant, however. How can one speak so boldly out and against someone having never met them even once? It is one thing to support someone having met, but to aggressively speak out against someone having not met, that seems more unnatural and inappropriate.

H Lamaar

Mr. Flores,

Your sincerity is appreciated and I hope you will stay involved. You are right that division never breeds results. However, for residents to be driven to this type of frustration, requires diagnosis of causation. The Mayor has been the driver of division in this city with individuals who do not agree with his vision, policy views and political positions.

If you had been involved, you would see the disdain and lack of respect your endorses have for the residents of Johns Creek. What they say doesn't coincide with their actions and votes.

As you are frustrated by the link you received to your endorsers, you should do your homework and take the time to understand those who are genuinely concerned with the relationship you had with these four. Mayor Bodker believes in picking winners and losers, he boasts about it. So you were picked as his winner.

H Lamaar

Concerned Tax Payer

You seem genuinely put out by folks comments creating "unfounded" links to you as a person and your four endorsers. I know Mr. Counghlin and have followed his campaigns closely - why did you think it was appropriate to create mailers that contained extremely misleading statements about his positions just to carry favor with voters? And the endorsement letters that came out by Mike Bodker, Steve Broadbent, Kelly Stewart, and Nazeera Dawood had these same misrepresentations. Anyone fully engaged knew they were deliberate to mislead voters.

These are typical tactics pushed by your campaign management company in elections in Johns Creek as well.

Stop thinking you are a victim.




The final vote tally for this council seat speaks for itself and so does the influence of the JCP in JC...

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