Christmas 2020: Bring Joy with a Message from Santa

November 17, 2020
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Tech-savvy Elves can create a Santa Video Message for Christmas 2020

Surprise your loved ones with a personalized video including their names and photos. Santa will address the recipient personally, see the pictures sent by you and invite them to his magical house.

  • Delivery in just 2 hours
  • 180-day returns
  • Up to 4k video quality

The Video message from Santa Claus

This year, why not go for something with an edge of extra originality and truly surprise your friends, family, and children with a remarkable gift that they will cherish forever and certainly never forget? Let tech-savvy Elves create a Santa video message - for kids, toddlers (or even you) that will really bring the legend of Father Christmas to life!

A video message from Santa Claus that contains a uniquely personalized message addressed directly to your children, parents, friends, or colleagues, is an amazing gift that is bound to be considered a highly thoughtful and remarkably different present.

Video from Santa

Create your 100% personalized video message from Santa Claus and surprise your child with this most amazing gift this Christmas. Join thousands of satisfied parents and bring your child even more unforgettable happiness. A video can be personalized in 5 minutes by adding basic information and pictures from your PC or Facebook. Santa and his elves will take care of the rest.

How does it work? Well, in just a few minutes you can create a video message, delivered as a link to your email with a photo of your child, his or her letter to Santa, and much more. Your video message will be 100% unique, and you can download the video and keep it forever. Add a greeting by choosing your child’s name from the list and Santa will greet your child by name straight from his office.


How can you make your video message one-of-a-kind? Add the name of the addressee, Santa’s recommendation, a photo of the addressee, a general remark, a picture of a gift and another image, a photo of their house or flat, their age, good (or bad!) behavior... and much more.


Letter from Santa delivering Christmas magic

Surprise your loved ones with a custom letter and bring joy.

Amaze your child, your nieces, and nephews with the unique gift of a personalized letter from Santa Claus himself.

So whether you’re looking to thrill a young child or amuse a grown-up, these fun letters will make for a memorable Christmas 2020.

Write to Santa Claus and he’ll reply with a real letter delivered to your house. Choose a template, add a name and edit the text however you like – just the thing to make someone’s Christmas...
Choose your content letter for:
  • Preschooler
  • Schoolboy
  • Schoolgirl
  • Boy
  • Girl
  • Teenager
  • Love letter
  • Adults
  • Business letter
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