Circuit Courts have been Reassigned: Justice Clarence Thomas to Georgia

November 20, 2020

Chief Justice John Roberts has reassigned the Supreme Court Justices to new Districts. Effective November 20, 2020, ordered pursuant to Title 28, United States Code, Section 42.

To highlight the changes...
GA - Clarence Thomas
MI - Brett M. Kavanaugh
WI - Amy Coney Barrett
PA - Samuel A. Alito

Lin Wood plans to file an appeal to the Eleventh Circuit Court. This is regarding his lawsuit over the litigation settlement, involving Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, and the Georgia Democratic Party.

Questionable Settlements

Mr. Raffensperger a former Johns Creek City Councilman isn't new to questionable settlements. He voted for the highly contentious LED Billboard settlement, that brought aggressive tree removal, visual blight, and night sky pollution to residential communities. In addition, that settlement had many unethical issues.

Circuit Courts for Supreme Court Justices

Lastly, here is a map of the Circuit Court assignments.

Circuit court map

Source: United States Supreme Court



26 comments on “Circuit Courts have been Reassigned: Justice Clarence Thomas to Georgia”

    1. Dear anonymous thought you should know that the CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT makes the assignment of court district supervision not the PRESIDENT.

      1. NO! The true thieves are the Communist/DemonCrap Party. BiteMe Biden took 300m$ from China. Every one of power in the demonCrap party has acknowledged themselves to be communists.
        You are nothing but a Agent Provocateur, spreading FAKE information

      2. Haven’t you been watching anything? We know everything and it has been going on for two decades. You never new if your vote was counted and if so who did it go to? This has been global!

    2. Hopefully, they will vote according to our Constitution & stay true to what our Founding Fathers intended. If that will change the vote for him, then all should accept that.

      1. I love how high and mighty the Democrats and their supporters are. For 4 years they sought to remove Trump by any means possible. They lied and fabricated evidence. Now when things don't go their way they use violence and burn cities down.
        Now that there has been definite fraud during the election they think Trump should just concede. If it was the other way they would be burning more cities down and attack every Trump supporter they find. Sorry Democrats you can't have it both ways. Stop being hypocrites.

  1. Sorry anonymous but the chief justice of the SUPREME COURT makes the decision of appeals court supervision of associate justices.

  2. God Bless these justices to do the right decision. In the latter days wrong will be right and right will be wrong per the holy Bible as we see now.

  3. Thomas was not a Trump selection.

    They were all appointed to the new spots by Justice Roberts who was also not a Trump selection. The new Justices are Constitutional judges that don't try to write new law... that use facts and common sense in rendering decisions instead of personal feelings and reaching for some quantum like decision.

    1. Anyone remember who gave Justice Thomas "a high tech lynching" during his confirmation? Joe CCP Biden. Justice Thomas did not forget.

  4. Chief Justice Roberts did the reassignment - not President Trump. The interesting thing is that the most strict of Constitutionalist Justices are now presiding over the fraud-ladened states seeking to sort out the integrity of the vote.

    1. I know - isn't that wonderful? You said you wanted them to vote based on the constitution; so who better than a strict originalist?

    1. Justice coming. The US Constitution provisions will prevail. Election fraud will be exposed and judged. Electors will be changed or alternatively disqualified with the choosing of a president made by just 50 votes, one per state in Congress. Trump wii be sworn in as President January 20th, 2021.

  5. As a Veteran, I took an Oath, as well as Thousands of my Brothers and Sisters who are currently or have served our Country. We WILL Defend the Constitution of the United States of America, not an Office or Individual(s). From ALL Enemies Foreign and Domestic whatever the Outcome of this Election. We will answer the Call when needed. And GOD help those who threaten our Freedom. Socialism has no place in America, Not Now, NOT EVER.........

  6. What most Americans don’t understand is this is not a dem/rep country. If news tells you something, research it. Don’t take their word for it. You will find that dems as well as reps have gone along with this charade for decades. Their may be a hand full of good ones out there. You will see soon who is bought/compromised and who is truly for America not for some globalist agenda. Point; Both Dem/Rep presidents since Reagan have talked about the New World Order. Let that sink in!

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