City Council is Derelict: Students in Danger

March 21, 2017

Week after week, council meeting after council meeting goes by without the City Council addressing the most singular action that could impact everyone's lives within the City of Johns Creek.


The City council NEVER discuss the Traffic Lights! (here are suggestions)

  • What could be improved?
  • Which lights needs extending?
  • Where are the backups?
  • Where are the rear-ends?
  • Where are the T-Bones?

The traffic Light at Medlock Bridge Rd & State Bridge Rd is the source of woes and cardiac upset for many residents.

Clearly, the lights CAN BE IMPROVED.

Residents have made real suggestions on improving not only the function of the traffic light at 141 and State Bridge but also 141 and St. Ives/Grove Point and State Bridge.

One suggestion made was to install a sensor which detects when the traffic is backed up before it gets to Grove Point Road, and when it reaches that point, turning the 141 Southbound light red.  This makes sure that there is room for vehicles exiting both neighborhoods to be able to clear the intersection when they have a green light.  What sort of intelligent traffic system actually allows what we see to occur?

Another suggestion made to City Officials is to have the left turn protected arrows for that intersection occur at the end of the green light cycles for 141 north and southbound, giving a bit more time for traffic to move south on 141 before Grove Point/St. Ives receive the green light.  This allows the Medlock Bridge traffic to proceed with a right turn if vehicles are not making a U-turn from the 141 Northbound lane, and it potentially eliminates conflicts with St Ives vehicles once St Ives receives a green light, for the Medlock Bridge vehicles will have in many cases already cleared the intersection.

Nearly, every morning, the backup reaches the main gate of St Ives. This impacts the ability for the cars and buses to safely exit and get in the southbound lane. This is due to the very short 20 second green light on the 141 and the less than adequate amount of time given to southbound through traffic on 141 Southbound.

Once again we must question the intelligent lights if regardless of the length of the backup, the light does not adjust appropriately to handle that backup.  Also, we once again must ask why the third lane through southbound using the asphalt we have has yet to be implemented?

Light cycle, after light cycle, you can wait and there will be a backup "in the box". So cars and buses enter the box and wait till they can to go south.

We must ask this question:  Could a traffic operator charged with keeping this intersection clear of vehicles do so manually?  We believe the answer is yes.   And if so, why can't the intelligent lights then also do so?

We believe that the traffic will only do what they are programmed to do.  Therein lies our biggest problem.


Below, the cars on the Medlock Bridge Rd Northbound side get a green light. Only the right lane of cars can drive. The left lane is impeded by the bus waiting to get into the southbound lane.

How safe is that City Council & Mayor?

Aren't we suppose to be the "Safest City" in Georgia?

What about the schoolkids on the bus?

What about the drivers that blow through the red lights because the light cycles are soo short, only a few cars get to go?

When will you take action and improve the traffic lights?

Oh, and by the way, this is NOT the first time the JCP has written about this.

We published the post below in May 2016.

Will they EVER hold their staff accountable?

Complaints have still fallen on deaf ears.


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9 comments on “City Council is Derelict: Students in Danger”

  1. It seems that this City has waived the white flag when it comes to addressing the issues are within it's own control.

    Traffic light timing is within it's control. The sequences when the turn arrows are activated are within it's control.

    Even something as simple as signs stating do not block the box, which they have implemented, are within their own control. What does that cost? A thousand dollars for some paint and a few signs?

    And yet we wait.

    I'd like to know if and when any of the Council Members have last spent a morning rush hour in the traffic center or in person at 141 and State Bridge. Did you notice anything? Did you see any opportunities for improvements?

    Did you discuss what you saw with City Staff, make any suggestions? Have they gotten back to you?

    This is not rocket science, people. This is basic fundamental competence. If the current City Staff cannot figure out how to keep one intersection from being blocked, then how in the world are we letting them plan all of the other complex traffic solutions they have suggested implementing?

    1. ? "This is not rocket science, people. This is basic fundamental competence. If the current City Staff cannot figure out how to keep one intersection from being blocked, then how in the world are we letting them plan all of the other complex traffic solutions they have suggested implementing?"

  2. Ironic to stumble across this post as I was looking around about how to elevate a traffic signal concern I had with an intersection. Bell Road / McGinnis Ferry. Opposing traffic at Old Atlanta gets the green light and has no traffic backup, yet, Bell Road backs up 1/2 mile or more and is given 15 seconds to get through the intersection. At the 3rd car, the light turns yellow. I posted video on youtube and sent emails, but based on what I'm seeing here... this has gone on for years and will just keep falling on deaf ears. Sigh.

  3. It appears that Roger Goodell does not have to look far and wide to replace any playoff refs who missed the call even though they were completely aware of what had happened. Several of our Johns Council Members as well as some City Staff members have been a work in progress for years training to be as inept as their Stripped brethren. It is a sad state of appears when townspeople must take their officials by the hand to lead them from disaster.

  4. Looks familiar. This morning as I was taking a right hand turn on to 141 south, accessing the outside lane on 141 south, no less than four vehicles came out of the St. Ives entrance, one trying to access the inside lane, two trying to access the outside lane and one trying to access the shoulder to get to JCHS. Then the light turned red, with those four vehicles are now in the middle of the intersection. Happens daily.

  5. Dear Editor,
    No excuse. There is a backup on the Grove Point side of the light too. St. Ives has two lanes at they light, one line is for right hand turns only. Four cars stuck in the intersection after their light had turned red is insane.

  6. I've met and discussed solutions for this issue on numerous occasions with City Staff. Despite the expensive system for traffic lights we have in place, they do not have the sensors in place to determine when the traffic is backed up from State Bridge To Grove Point. A sensor near the entrance to the high school which turns the light red southbound when the traffic is backed up to that point is what I recommended.

    Also, I suggested changing the light operation at Grove Point to have the left turn into Medlock Bridge at the end of the cycle. This would allow residents of MB to exit while the traffic from St Ives was still stopped, alleviating much of the issue.

    Let's see if they do that with the flashing yellow that they have decided to install. The same thing could have already been done with the lights we had in place already.

    The third lane through at 141 and State Bridge Southbound should eliminate the backups to Grove Point Road in nearly every case.

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