City Council Discuss "Potential Freeway" Medlock Bridge Rd Widening

February 18, 2017
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During the meeting with staff to discuss the widening of Medlock Bridge Rd to 6 lanes, Mayor Bodker stated the residents were for this project because of the TSPLOST, which was voted on in Nov 2016.

According to the documents supplied by City Hall, the plans were created 10/2016 and finalized 12/31/16. How could we approve it if it wasn't developed when the vote was taken?

Some other highlights from the meeting:

With the widening to 3 lanes, acceleration lanes will be deemed to be too dangerous and cause wrecks, according to Public Works Director Tom Black.  

It was not discussed what would happen to all the other acceleration lanes since they are deemed "too dangerous" with the freeway type road. 

In addition, Black also stated, “We think” we will get the approval for 2 new half lights at Prestwick & Winfield on the River.

No one discussed the fact that the additional traffic lights and poor timing in Johns Creek is the primary reason why the congestion happens once you reach the City.

Mayor Bodker stated it was a “minimally invasive design”. Director Black asserted that the noise impact of 2 additional lanes would be minimal, and the St. Ives Residents would not want “those ugly walls” that could serve to reduce the noise impact.

Councilman Steve Broadbent asserted that St Ives subdivision agreed to the construction project. This contradicts the resistance from residents and Board members have advocated, not to proceed with the widening, and to have more time to review.

Councilman Lenny Zaprowski questioned if the Council had already decided they wanted 6 lanes or not. He pressed that he was not given the results of all the studies done along with the Comprehensive Transportation Plan.

The Mayor pushed to justify the 6 lanes to the river, even though Peachtree Corners has NOT decided to widen to 6 lanes within their City.

Here is the video of the Council in action, discussing the widening with staff.

Please send your thoughts on this monumental construction project to:

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Source: City of Johns Creek. Video: Preserve Johns Creek


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