City Council Voted to Increase your Taxes!

August 17, 2015


Mayor Bodker, Steve Broadbent & Cori Davenport voted for the 7.7% increase.

Bob Gray & Lenny Z voted to oppose.


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7 comments on “City Council Voted to Increase your Taxes!”

  1. @Anonymous, While that is an excellent sentiment, we need you to do more. The Council needs to hear from you in person. The budget process, where they will decide how to spend these dollars is in full swing right now. There will be public hearings.

    Consider making an appearance, and stating in three minutes your displeasure. The more often they hear from you and others, the more likely they are to respond.

    If it's just when the polls are open, they will not hear us.

  2. We need to replace the majority of the council. They obviously have a different vision for Johns Creek then it's residents . Everyone needs to get out and vote these misfits out of office... And that definitely includes the mayor!!

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