City Hall OMITS the Most important Dates of the Year: Election Qualification!

July 20, 2017

Oops! City Hall OMITS the Most Important Dates of the Year: Election Qualification!

As always, you can count on the Johns Creek Post to keep you updated.

We wish City Hall was as forthcoming about pertinent information.

It begs the question, who's working for who?

With 5 Full-Time Communications Employees, you'd think they'd get the calendar updated, or at least do a PR blitz about the upcoming election.

But NO! Not a peep about the opening of the Mayor & 3 Council seats, not even a mention on the city calendar.

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The City Website was also absent of information. As required by law, a legal notice was submitted to the Johns Creek Herald, way back in January, 6 months ago.

Here are the details:

Qualifying will be Monday, August 21st; Tuesday, August 22nd; & Wednesday, August 23rd

8:30 am to 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Fee: $450 Council Seat / $750 Mayor Seat

Clerk's office  @ City Hall

12000 Findley Rd, 4th Floor


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2 comments on “City Hall OMITS the Most important Dates of the Year: Election Qualification!”

  1. Everyone who has been frustrated by the lack of consideration for residents' concerns need to turn out to vote.

    For everyone who attended the public outcries over road widening proposals, increasingly higher density housing, overdevelopment, and the lack of progress in tackling traffic congestion - make sure every eligible person in your household votes.

    Talk to your neighbors and friends. We need to halt the erosion and attacks on the Quality of Life in Johns Creek.

    It begins by electing representatives that represent US, and not the interests of developers and construction companies!

  2. I hope the entire community at Next Door Neighbor pays attention to what has been happening to our environment. Nothing is sacred. Developers are allowed free-range "whatever" they want to do two trees streams and land. Please pay attention to the upcoming election. Find out what the people who are running believe. We can change the future. It is in your hands. Or more appropriately it is in your brain. Momma nature

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