Confirmed: True Objective of 11 Foot Lane Repaving - Three Lanes for 141!

August 20, 2019

Three Lanes for 141 is requested as a Design Variance to GDOT. This was for the repaving project of Medlock Bridge Rd.

Three Lanes for 141

Source: City of Johns Creek, GDOT


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4 comments on “Confirmed: True Objective of 11 Foot Lane Repaving - Three Lanes for 141!”

  1. Please know that the resolution passed unanimously asking to GDOT to keep the lanes at 12 feet. GDOT has been made aware of our plea and has agreed to abide by our request!

  2. What is the delay or opposition in creating three thru lanes on 141 at both States Bridge and Abbotts Bridge intersection? Ideally six lanes from States Bridge to Johns Creek Parkway will help move traffic thru the green lights at the busiest intersections, while not disturbing the character since that segment is already highly commercial. No need to widen 141 North of Johns Creek Parkway or South of Old Alabama, but I am curious why we can't get three thru lanes at our busiest intersections.

  3. Yes, we need 3 lanes on 141 ASAP. Kudos to the City for trying to get this done. For the majority of residents who commute outside of Johns Creek for work we all know this is desperately needed.

    1. If you actually dug into the data, you might realize that there are many opportunities to improve traffic flow without the blanket widening to three lanes on 141.

      The problem is and has been the intersections. Those are what has needed the improvements and would need improvement even if you go to three lanes. State Route 141 has also seen a great improvement with new eyes and understanding managing our intelligent traffic light system along the corridor.

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