Dear City Council: Stop the Clear Cutting of Trees

October 21, 2017

Dear City Council: Stop the Clear Cutting of Trees.

As a resident of Johns Creek Georgia, as a Master Gardener and Master Naturalist, I implore the members of the Council of Johns Creek to become aware of the devastation of our natural habitat by unscrupulous developers. We must enact laws to prohibit clear-cutting. Period. Today

This is not rocket science. This is common sense. We should have done this years ago but before it is too late before the last stand of beautiful native trees is destroyed by greedy ignorant people who can't realize they're destroying the air and water quality of our very existence. If we ban clear-cutting the logical extension of this thought process will be developers will figure out ways to put in their sewer and electrical installations without destroying the world.

I am a grandmother now. For those of you who have children and grandchildren, you must realize it is our duty to make sure the world is not destroyed before they have a chance to grow up.

Please, please hear my words.

Momma Nature


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15 comments on “Dear City Council: Stop the Clear Cutting of Trees”

        1. @Rhoney, tons of cities in the US have regulations about tree cutting, especially old growth trees. Many subdivision HOAs have covenants about this even though the land and the trees are not owned by the HOA. If you live in Johns Creek and don’t like trees, maybe you can find a Polte subdivision in Gwinnett County to your liking. Phoenix has some great developments you might like too.

          1. And how did cutting those trees hurt you? Our city is ok with it, maybe you should go to a city that isn't and leave JC alone. I like it just the way it is.

  1. Didn't pave paradise, just cut the trees down and left it a total disaster....Thanks to whoever approved this mess..NOT!

      1. Mark R: It impacts all of us. Trees give off oxygen, prevent erosion, provide food and shelter for wildlife and help balance the ecosystem, The lack of wildlife from deforestation also disturbs the ecosystem.
        As people destroy natural habitats, we are hurting ourselves because it is contributing to global warming....Oh wait, Mark you probably don't believe in global warming or climate change, do you?

    1. Is this the same lady who has all the out of state ‘progressive’ supporters sending post cards to JC voters (smells like the ossoff campaign all over) then denies involvement but then posts on her FB how grateful she is for them sending the cards? I’ve also read where she has commented that changing the country has to start locally. Please, please don’t elect this person. We don’t need a social justice warrior on the JC Council.

      1. PUBLIUS: You DO realize that many campaign supporters of a lot of the candidates do NOT live in Johns Creek, right?
        Take a look at the campaign contributions of the mayor and alot of the candidates.

        1. You are right. I am a partisan GOPer. And a hypocrite too! While I oppose "Chamber of Commerce lackey" Vicki who favors "workforce housing", higher taxes, road widenings, etc. etc., I still support/voted for "Chamber stooges" Bodker and Zaprowski ... who SUPPORT the same AGENDA!!!

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