Election Integrity Activist Sends Letter To Forsyth County Demanding End Of Communications With Konnech

October 4, 2022
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1950 Census Enumeration District Maps - Georgia (GA) - Forsyth County

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Election Integrity activist William Quinn has been pushing for Forsyth County to stop courting the election management company Konnech for use in Forsyth elections, due to the firm reportedly holding 1.8 million records of American election workers on a server in communist China.

Today, the CEO of Konnech was arrested for theft of identifying information.

You can read the demand letter Quinn sent to Forsyth County today below:

Forsyth County Commissioners

You were informed about Konnech and the concerns surrounding the company at your September 1st meeting. Documents demonstrate that Forsyth County and Forsyth County Elections Department has been in contact with Konnech since 2017.

This letter is a demand to immediately cease and desist any and all use of Konnech software and/or apps in use within Forsyth County.

Further, in the interest of protecting the public interest and specifically the privacy of Forsyth Election employees and Poll workers, you are to disclose to the public all information related to any and all correspondence, discussions, contracts, payments and other interactions between Forsyth County and Konnech, Eugene Yu, or any employee, agent or contractor associated with Konnech or Eugene Yu.

Remember the three choices suggested to you on September 1, 2022,

William T. Quinnimage.png

A remainder of the Konnech information provided to you on September 1st, 2022.

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One comment on “Election Integrity Activist Sends Letter To Forsyth County Demanding End Of Communications With Konnech”