• "Explosive Revelation: Fani Willis Linked To Massive Election Fraud And Money Laundering RICO Enterprise!"

    August 31, 2023

    In a shocking turn of events, a bombshell investigation has uncovered jaw-dropping connections between Fani Willis and a sprawling web of election fraud and money laundering activities.

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    As I discussed this week on the Georgia Record and Creative Destruction Media, Fani Willis is a beneficiary of this massive criminal enterprise.

    Fani Willis's involvement will be sure to send shockwaves through the political landscape.

    The investigation, which spans across multiple states and multiple jurisdictions, has revealed a complex network of illicit operations aimed at undermining the very foundation of our Constitutional Republic and the rule of law. Sources close to the matter suggest that Willis was a massive beneficiary in the Federal and Georgia RICO enterprises. It appears that she is currently playing a key role in orchestrating a systematic scheme to manipulate election outcomes, casting doubt on the integrity of the entire electoral process.

    In the lead up to the 2022 midterm elections, my team uncovered a massive money laundering network of campaign finance contributions being made via ActBlue. One of the top beneficiaries of this money laundering RICO enterprise was none other than Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock. The Gateway Pundit was the first news organization to cover the massive money laundering network that financed the Raphael Warnock campaign.

    As our investigation progressed, we expanded our efforts into other states such as Missouri, Maryland, Wisconsin, Arizona, and then into every single state.

    Working with the Epoch Times investigative journalist Steven Kovac, we made a stunning find. Many of the top ActBlue “Contributors” never made the individual contributions. Many of these “Not Employed Individual Contributors” were the victims of a highly sophisticated money laundering scheme.

    The scheme was further exposed when I provided the data to James O’Keefe and his people at O’Keefe Media Group who captured many unwitting “Money Laundering Smurfs” in Maryland.

    This massive ongoing money laundering operation involves wire fraud, evasion of campaign finance limits, structuring of financial transactions, tax fraud, non profit fraud, identity theft, and elder abuse.

    The RICO operation is still in operation today. Using the identities of unwitting elderly, and other democrat voters, this massive RICO money laundering enterprise is the fuel for the entire election fraud RICO operation.


    The criminal money laundering enterprise operates at the Federal, state and local levels. The first local elected official identified as part of this ongoing money laundering operation was Alvin Bragg.

    Alvin Bragg received massive numbers of campaign finance contributions from the network of individuals who had been identified as smurfs. The investigation into Alvin Bragg also helped to uncover the use of pre-paid credit and debit cards in the structuring of the campaign finance contributions and the payment of ballot harvesting mules.

    Does anyone find it interesting that Alvin Bragg charged Donald J Trump criminally with a campaign finance violation, while benefiting from a money laundering RICO enterprise?

    Has Alvin Bragg refunded all of the illegal campaign finance contributions made to his campaign yet?


    This systematic funneling of illicit campaign finance funds was also identified in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race of Janet Protasiewicz. The Janet for Justice campaign took in massive amounts of money from “Individual Contributors” who were also identified as part of the nationwide ActBlue money laundering RICO enterprise.

    How much does it take to buy a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court in 2023? Over $23.3 million, was raised, mostly from leftist PACs funded largely through Soros linked organizations and the ActBlue money laundering enterprise.

    The nationwide ActBlue money mules and smurfs made massive numbers of individual contributions to the PACs that largely financed the Janet for Justice campaign.

    Should the people of Wisconsin be concerned about the purchase of a Wisconsin Supreme Court seat via a massive nationwide money laundering scheme using the stolen identities of the elderly?

    How many other judges and courts have been compromised nationwide at the Federal, State and local levels?


    The information on Fani Willis campaign contributions was obtained directly from the State of Georgia campaign finance database “HERE”.

    The first item we identified in the Fani Willis campaign finance report was that there were 222 contributions to her campaign that had ZERO donor information.

    Another point of interest was that many of the campaign contributions to the Fani Willis campaign were from out of state contributors. Many of these out of state contributors fit the profile of the ActBlue money laundering scheme victims and participants that we had identified in every single state across America.

    You can check the names for yourself using the FEC campaign finance database “HERE”.

    The out of state “SMURFS” raised significant suspicions.

    Why would elderly people who do not contribute in their own local elections be interested in making campaign contributions to a little known Georgia district attorney beginning in 2022?

    Upon further investigation, a pattern seemed to emerge yet again. When contacted about making campaign contributions to Fani Willis, one of the elderly people on the list stated that she had never made a single campaign finance contribution to her campaign. She assured me that she had not made multiple campaign contributions.

    Another interesting pattern raised significant questions. Why had this particular “campaign contributor” been using addresses in multiple states to make campaign contributions? Upon further investigation this “Fani Willis Campaign Contributor” was registered to vote in several states.

    Another individual “Fani Willis Campaign Contributor” who had made a single campaign contribution was also identified as a “INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTOR” making campaign finance contributions using addresses in multiple states to include Florida, Wisconsin, Illinois, and New York.

    Coincidentally, this individual made identical “CONTRIBUTIONS” via ActBlue to the same PACs and campaigns.

    This same individual was also listed as a registered voter in multiple states casting vote by mail ballots.

    As we investigate all of the “INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTORS” to the Fani Willis campaign and examine their ongoing contributions via ActBlue we see that all of these individuals are making contributions to the same PACs and candidates.

    This ongoing pattern of “ACTIVITY” appears to have started in great scale in 2018 and has rapidly accelerated at the federal, state and local levels.

    One of the out of state Fani Willis campaign contributors had made over 9,178 individual contributions just at the federal level since 2018.

    What does it cost to buy the Atlanta District Attorney race?

    How is it that so many people from out of state that are “NOT EMPLOYED” are making so many campaign finance contributions to a little known district attorney in Atlanta, Georgia beginning in 2022?

    What is being seen at a growing and alarming rate is that the nationwide money laundering RICO enterprise is making more and more contributions to PACs and these PACs are financing local candidates.

    Many of these PACs have strong ties to the numerous Soros connected organizations that are active participants in the nationwide election fraud, money laundering, terrorist network financing and the massive ongoing RICO enterprise.

    Since we first exposed the ActBlue enterprise funding, Warnock and the other democrat candidates and PACs, have started to shift the way that they have been operating. However, we have clearly identified who is involved and how they have been illegally influencing the outcomes of elections nationwide.


    These criminal organizations also share significant connections to the law firm Perkins-Coie. This is the same law firm that was behind the false claims of “Russian Collusion” on the part of the Trump campaign in 2016. The image below is an excerpt from the deposition of FBI Agent Elvis Chan where he admits that he conspired to censor Americans on BigTech and Social Media platforms.

    This activity amounted to the largest campaign finance violations in the history of the United States via un disclosed in-kind campaign finance contributions first reported in the Gateway Pundit.

    Most large criminal money laundering enterprises function with the assistance of willing attorneys and bankers. Perkins-Coie is by far one of the largest beneficiaries of this RICO money laundering network. The firm received vast sums of illicit money via legal fees paid by the PACs and committees who helped launder the campaign finance contributions made in the name of over a million individuals whose identities have been stolen and used to structure financial transactions and circumvent federal campaign finance limits.


    ActBlue and the numerous PACs, nonprofits and organizations have been utilizing the services of several large banking institutions. They are JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Amalgamated Bank.

    If these esteemed financial institutions had been doing any form of AML/Fraud detection and compliance they would have filed suspicious activities reports and should have certainly raised alarms. Were these reports filed? Who failed to act?

    Has a “criminal enterprise” infiltrated the United States Department of Justice and weaponized it against their political opposition?


    How can the Federal Election Commission continue to claim ignorance? The evidence of the massive RICO operation and money laundering enterprise is being directly reported to them? This certainly would fall into the category of “Willful Blindness Doctrine” on their part. We have seen extensive issues with the way that the FEC is handing the data and the receipts of these illicit campaign finance contributions.

    Commissioner Trainor has turned a blind eye to many of these violations. This was first reported via my personal communications to the FEC and covered by The Gateway Pundit.

    The infiltration of the FEC can also be best viewed through the lens that the FEC claimed that there was no issue with Twitter’s censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story illegally interfering with a legitimate news story that definitively affected the outcome of the 2020 election.


    The RICO Act, which stands for the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, is a federal law in the United States that was enacted in 1970. It was passed as part of the Organized Crime Control Act to combat organized criminal enterprises, particularly those associated with organized crime syndicates.

    While the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) is primarily a federal law in the United States, some states have adopted their own versions of RICO laws, often referred to as "state RICO" or "Little RICO" laws. Georgia is one of the states which has a RICO statute.

    Congress described RICO as “an act designed to prevent ‘known mobsters’ from infiltrating legitimate businesses.”

    RICO outlaws four types of activities:

    (1) Section 1962(a) prohibits a person from investing in an enterprise any income derived from a pattern of racketeering activity;

    (2) Section 1962(b) prohibits a person from using a pattern of racketeering activity to acquire or maintain control over an enterprise;

    (3) Section 1962(c) prohibits a person from conducting the affairs of an enterprise through a pattern of racketeering; and

    (4) Section 1962(d) prohibits a person from conspiring to violate §§ 1962(a), (b), or (c). “Racketeering activity” is an element common to all of RICO’s prohibitions.

    Congress defined “racketeering activity” to include a variety of state and federal predicate crimes. RICO is not violated by a single, short-term episode of “racketeering.” Rather, there must be a “pattern” of racketeering activity—meaning long-term, organized conduct. Persons convicted of violating RICO’s criminal provisions are subject to imprisonment and forfeiture of certain assets.

    Section 1961 defines “racketeering activity” broadly to encompass any of the state and federal predicate offenses listed in § 1961(1). RICO claims must be based on actual racketeering conduct. Conduct that amounts to garden-variety state-law crimes, torts, and contract breaches does not qualify as “racketeering activity” under RICO. The offenses listed in § 1961 are called “predicate acts” because at least one of them must have been committed through a pattern to sustain a RICO claim.

    Issues Relating to Mail and Wire Fraud as Predicate Acts

    Mail fraud (18 U.S.C. § 1341) and wire fraud (18 U.S.C. § 1343) are included as racketeering activities and are alleged as predicate acts in a “high percentage” of civil RICO claims. Criminal mail and wire fraud involves: (1) a scheme based on an intent to defraud; and (2) the use of the mails or wires to further that scheme.

    The specific elements of mail or wire are:

    (1) a plan or scheme to defraud;

    (2) intent to defraud;

    (3) reasonable foreseeability that the mail or wires will be used; and

    (4) actual use of the mail or wires to further the scheme.

    Mailings or wirings sent or delivered through the use of “any private or commercial interstate carrier” may violate the mail fraud statute.

    • Do you think the use of grossly inflated voter rolls, used to send vote by mail ballots to “voters” with “undeliverable mailing addresses” for ballot harvesting fits the requirements for mail fraud?
    • Do you think that using the internet to make fraudulent campaign finance contributions fits the requirements for wire fraud?
    • Do you think that using the stolen identity of elderly citizens to launder money into political campaigns fits the requirement for wire fraud?

    RICO was designed to prevent the illicit infiltration of legitimate enterprises. This explains why the conduct prohibited in § 1962 is unlawful only if it occurs in connection with the investment in, acquisition of, or operation of an “enterprise” affecting interstate commerce. In other words, RICO generally does not target the enterprise, but the bad actors who misuse or wrongfully acquire or invest in a legitimate enterprise.

    Like district attorneys, judges, and other government officials…

    As the investigation unfolds, more details are emerging, leaving citizens bewildered and demanding answers. The sheer audacity of these actions should prompt calls for an immediate and thorough investigation, with many wondering if justice can truly prevail in the face of such staggering allegations.

    Fani Willis, once seen as a rising star in the Georgia political arena, is now grappling with a full-blown scandal that threatens to irreparably tarnish her reputation and upend her career. The implications of these revelations are far-reaching, serving as a stark reminder of the fragility of trust in public officials and the lengths some might go to for power and wealth.

    In the days and weeks to come, as the investigation intensifies, the world will be watching closely to see how the authorities handle this unprecedented crisis. The fate of Fani Willis hangs in the balance, and the truth behind these explosive allegations will undoubtedly reshape the course of history.





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    Don't worry, Kemp won't let anything happen to her, no court will even look at the case, there's nothing to see here.


    Kemp is next

    You gonna eat that?

    Could be. It doesn't seem he has the full support of the republican legislature like Desantis did to push through law to stop the investigations into election fraud Chris was doing.


    From your Keyboard to God's ear Let it be True and Shout it from the Mountain tops


    When Kemp refused to discipline her, we knew he was in on the whole thing. I didn't yet know about this though. The Dims and RINOs, along with many of the Republicans, are completely dirty and need to be in prison!

    Lynn gross

    Dani Willis is worth $5.8 million. Let that sink in

    Denise E Dwyer

    Can you tell me where that info came from ? Public records show 1.3 Million

    Obamaa's boyfriend

    What do public record show Biden's wealth to be? If you can't guess then you'll never learn. Look at Obama's, Clinton's, McDonnell's, Pelosi's wealth. Take three guesses skippy.





    Rick Morrow

    Arrest her. Arrest all of them.


    ROFL, yeah, the FIB will be all over her [sarc off]

    Reichmeister Generalissmo

    She'd be the FBI's Kamala.

    Sharon Seckinger

    My, what a wicked web they weave. God, how do these demons sleep at night. Fani is WORSE than Kamala ever thought about…Kemp, Head Demon, catch the slanted eyes, God be with us??

    Daniel De Prophet

    It's a broader web. Soros' tentacles are in many fake "nonprofit" organizations. If criminals like Elias and Sussmann are free and still consolidating the 2020 violations in several states, the country is lost. We need the Justice Society, America First Legal, and others to step up!

    Reichmeister Generalissmo

    Paging Mr. Lynch, Paging Mr. Lynch...


    Thank you so so much for your investigations and for posting them. I LOVE your work and the Georgia Record. As a Fulton taxpayer I’m embarrassed by Fani and her complete ineptness to handle her job. I’m also very angry with the huge amount of my tax dollars she has spent on this circus for her personal publicity stunt. The Fulton jail is a disaster and the large number of boxes of pending trials etc. that she should have cleaned up with that 25 million that clown has spent on this circus.

    Trep Vision

    You all need to protest


    What is the matter with our Governor. Has he made a deal with Stacey?


    He made a deal with China and the Soros group

    You gonna eat that?


    Reichmeister Generalissmo

    He attends WEF meetings.

    Sharon Seckinger

    Kemp is a Snake…part of the global reset

    […] “Explosive Revelation: Fani Willis Linked To Massive Election Fraud And Money Laundering RICO … […]


    Great job on the investigation and report! Thank you, now arrest the evil pos!! ?

    Bob Connors

    We have crossed the rubicon and there’s no way back. If they have the receipts of these crimes we need immediate arrests and public exposure all of it. Charges against Trump must be thrown out. Military intervention may be needed. The FBI WILL ONLY DISAPPEAR THE EVIDENCE.

    Dominic Harkay

    The problem with the military is most of the flag officers are compromised...it won't happen. We are headed toward a second civil war. What needs to happen is the feral government (the corporation started after the Civil War that is DC run by the Khazarian Mafia with the Rothschilds as the front family) needs to be abolished as per the Declaration of Independence. This corporation went bankrupt in 2000 and America should have returned to a true constitutional republic but then 911 "happened".

    Last edited 10 months ago by Dominic Harkay

    Most people will never wake up to this fact. The ADL has seen to this. If Americans ever were to wake up to understand just how corrupt this system is and how they have been lied to their entire lives about how politics operates, they would have a hard time sleeping at night. Instead of waking up, even after they have been shown behind the curtain, they continue on in the mind numbing nonsense of the society that has been created to keep them controlled. Pray for a great awakening!


    Dominic,Interested in hearing more please


    An honest Red State AG has to pick this up since most states were involved. It's the only way it will be prosecuted.


    That's such a brilliant solution. Who,where? How do you make it happen? Face God we've got to have a miracle to contend this whole huge monster of a mess.


    They're trying to impeach the great Ken Paxton in TX as we speak! He would be one. He needs divine help!


    My thoughts exactly. If the unwitting donors are spread throughout the US, it should be easy to identify one in their jurisdiction and use that to open an investigation.

    The biggest obstacle will be the DOJ though. Because it’s multi-state and they’re corrupt, they’ll try to take it/bury it. Akin to what the FBI did with the fraudulent exposed in MI. Local cops started working it, then Michigan State police got involved because it was statewide, then multiple states and FBI. Where it died.


    Excellent reporting. Make sure everyone shares this far and wide!

    […] Bombshell Report Soros DA Fani Willis Has Connections to a Sprawling Web of Election Fraud and Money… […]




    Too bad NONE of this matters because the DOJ is corrupt and never prosecutes Democrats...let alone this one.

    Last edited 10 months ago by D3F1ANT
    Tony Bell

    The truth will set you free, unless of course you are a lying, cheating democrat.

    William Wallace



    Because it is "their guys" operating the scam.


    Because of our 'Free Press', what a joke eh?


    that's some sik crap... democrats need to be eradicated again - they aren't going to just stop


    The only way this would make it to any court would be if the recipients of the scam were Republicans. Since it is a demorat scheme all is good as far as our two tier "justice" system.

    NC Rambler

    Where are the stae republican ags? If fani can charge Trump surely they can charge the act blue?


    Thanks so much for this super article. Wonder how this will effect all these phony Trump charges.


    MASSIVE fraud, incredible levels of criminal intent to steal elections from American voters. The democrat communists once again blame and impeach and indict President Trump for the crimes they commit.

    […] “Explosive Revelation: Fani Willis Linked To Massive Election Fraud And Money Laundering RICO … […]

    Smh my head

    Absolute brain rot.


    The true goats whose names were used should request/demand that their funds be returned. That could start an industry.

    Fyi, Patrick Byrne first gave a copy of Marc Elias (attorney at the time of Perkins Coie) hard-drive to a special group inside the FBI. He also has copies. Anything Byrne knows, Senator Grassley knows.
    Patrick discusses this in this lengthy article:


    Grassley picks and chooses. He's not particularly reliable.

    Karen Bracken

    Nothing will ever happen to these people. Ever level and office of our government is corrupt to the core. Whenever a Democrat accuses someone of a crime you can bet the farm they are the ones guilty of the crime they accuse others of committing.

    Reichmeister Generalissmo

    True to Goebbel's, they always accuse the other side of the evil that they do.


    if we are under Military occupancy and Law, based on President Trumps Executive Orders, that miraculously keep getting extended, how would any of this really matter?

    I believe, this is already being dealt with, or has been, and it's why GITMO is bursting at the seems ... (As well as other international prisons) ...

    It's all to wake everyone up, so thngs like this never happen again ...

    PS: Ready for the next plandemic and big scare event?

    Last edited 10 months ago by IMJustice

    Fanciful thinking.

    […] “Explosive Revelation: Fani Willis Linked To Massive Election Fraud And Money Laundering RICO … […]

    Bob Cushman


    WOW !
    They discovered in GA what we have discovered in Michigan!

    Election Fraud/ Money Laundering in Georgia!


    Election Fraud/Money Laundering in Michigan!



    Actually, what was discovered in Michigan is a derivative of my original work.
    Which BTW I was not even mentioned in.

    All of the OKeefe and Election Watch data was/is my actual data analysis. Every single state in America at the Federal and local level has this money laundering RICO enterprise pulling the strings of the selected officials, non profits and service providers.

    This is how the coup was/is financed.

    davey street

    What else do you expect ? Democrat party mantra number one (Marx, Alinsky and Hillary) ALWAYS ACCUSE YOUR ENEMIES OF DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING YOURSELVES. Kemp wouldnbe dumped from the GOP if it was led by a person with balls. He is clearly a RINO Democrat.

    davey street

    Kemp would be dumped from the GOP - typo - davey street

    […] NVSheepdog “Explosive Revelation: Fani Willis Linked To Massive Election Fraud And Money Laundering RICO … […]

    Michael R. McFarlin

    This article is written like 2,000 Mules and is clearly bogus…..four years after Hunter committed the acts for which he was charged, without a single crime being added….you folks are being milked like rubes for financial contributions….. that’s ALL this story reflects!

    Hm Brown

    Snow flakes mafia swamp rats control the world, , civil war coming


    Kemp is no Ron DeSantis. Kemp is bought. Everyone is shaking their heads about Kemp.

    […] “Explosive Revelation: Fani Willis Linked To Massive Election Fraud And Money Laundering RICO … […]

    Leo Mrozek

    I downloaded some of the data and imported into a database for just the 2021-2022 for individual contributions. Just some quick sorts on the data and it shows some weird stats.

    For instance, there is one contributor from Long Beach, CA that made 3478 contributions totaling almost $37K for an average of $10.59/contribution. WTF?? There are literally hundreds of contributors that have made contributions like this. Please keep investigating and let me know if you need help!


    The off cents is an indication of foreign money. The numbers are not round because of exchange rates in many cases.


    I think they should make the campaigns give the victim doners the money.


    This has been known for a LONG TIME ! Where are you Kemp!!?? . She still your sweetheart DA ??! LOCK HER UP along with all her cohorts !! Do something HONEST for once !!


    Like Father-Like Daughter. Who knew ?!! Evidently, A WHOLE LOT OF CROOKED
    Players !


    The SWAMP has ebbed.


    Thank you Chris Gleason. (FOR THE TRUTH !)

    Obamaa's boyfriend

    Nothing will be done because the system is corrupt to its core. The soap box has failed; the ballot box has been rigged; only the cartridge box remains.

    Buster Hymen

    Come on Georgia, you need to whack your Fani!

    Zane Grey

    A properly educated People would have kept Biden and his whole team from ever being in an elected seat in the first place. They are destroyed for their lack of knowledge, Hosea 4.6. Every jurisdiction using Dominion and ES&S equipment uses adjudication to change cast ballots in the night after elections close.

    Shirley Eliakis

    We need the flush the toilet we called government... It's stinking up the whole country!

    […] In case you have not been given the opportunity to read the original article here is a link to it: https://www.georgiarecord.com/election-integrity/2023/08/31/explosive-revelation-fani-willis-linked-… […]

    Dorothy R Weigman

    Chris Gleason--- I see an identity I was used for on those records; I was informed by the IRS I was used by as a Robert Bennett and a Kelly Brennan Identity? Who do I contact; that was in January. It's my sister and my exhusband behind the fraud; Andy Struve, Vic Wertz, and Ed Wertz.

    […] and his former allies, took office Jan. 1, 2021. The claim in the video stemmed from an Aug. 31 report in The Georgia Record, which centered on contributions made from January 2022 to June […]


    Alls I have to say is Alvin Brags, fani willis spent a lot of Americans Taxes , to go after a president who abided by the laws when they both were involved in the Explosive Revelation massive money Laundering fraud , all these attacks against Mr. D. J. Trum p have been all political, & the hatred Mr. g. soros the Nazi employee , who donated about 130 million dollars into the Democratic organization who's nephew is married to chelsea Clinton,

    […] Rico Rico Rico all around the countryhttps://www.georgiarecord.com/election-integrity/2023/08/31/explosive-revelation-fani-willis-linked-… […]

    […] “Explosive Revelation: Fani Willis Linked To Massive Election Fraud And Money Laundering RICO Enterprise!” (Georgia Record, Aug 31, 2023) […]

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