Final City Council Campaign Spending Totals

February 8, 2016

USA_elections$The following is the total amount spent by each candidate, in RED how much was their own money:

Post 2
Jay Lin  $84,428.59 - $24,722.30
Todd Burkhalter  $9,490.89 - $0
Chris Coughlin  <$2,500
Arun Misra <$2,500
Patty Hansen  <$2,500

Post 5
Nazeera Dawood $50,854 - $2,929.62
Stephanie Endres  $26,303.22 - $14,758.12
Carlos Carbonell  < $2,500

Post 6
Tom Radford  $14,080.63  - $13,430.63
Steve Broadbent  $12,736.33  - $3,186.33

Source: City of Johns Creek


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2 comments on “Final City Council Campaign Spending Totals”

  1. Can anyone provide information on:

    How Jay "Big Cash" Lin spent his $85k?

    Also, who were the people who gave almost $50k to Special Interests candidate "Deadbeat" Dawood, and how did she spend it? Word is out that numbers were fudged and manipulated by her.

    1. We are finalizing the spreadsheets with the donations and expenditures, it's a LOT of data! Will post when complete.

      Any concerns about number fudging should be brought to the Secretary of State Campaign Ethics department.

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