Former Candidates Resurrected for Appointments

March 18, 2016
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Mayor Bodker selected 6 new appointed board members, based on qualifications, location and diversity such as ethnicity, gender, backgrounds & perspectives.

For Planning Commission:

  • Post A: Todd Burkhalter, Former City Council Post 2 Candidate.
  • Post B: Irene Sanders, Former Thornhill President who advocated for the rezoning of Dean Gardens into a 70 home Subdivision.
  • Post C: Ruth Carr, Rivermont HOA board member and Attorney.

For Board of Zoning Appeals:

  • Post A: Carlos Carbonell, Former City Council Post 5 Candidate.
  • Post B: Kirk Canaday, JCCA Board member & Former Auxiliary Policeman.
  • Post C: Royce Reinecke, Former State Rep 50 Candidate, and citizen advocate regarding numerous zoning cases over the years.

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