Fulton County To Get Taller

August 15, 2016

80 Foot Billboard Example

In what is the highest area in all of Fulton County, is to get even TALLER, upon completion of 80 feet High Billboard at the corner of 141 Rd & State Bridge Rd.

The ENORMOUS Billboard is expected to be seen for miles away throughout Johns Creek, and far into Gwinnett County.

Unfortunately, Mayor Bodker and Councilwoman Cori Davenport did NOT negotiate a usage schedule and the LED advertisements can be glaring into resident windows at all hours of the night.

Other municipalities set limits for billboards, such as turning off from 10pm-7am. The closest LED billboard outside of the City on 141 in Forsyth County is approximately 30 feet high.

The settlement negotiated gave Johns Creek Billboards 50 feet taller than our neighboring city. What a great deal, huh?


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18 comments on “Fulton County To Get Taller”

  1. I have an electronic billboard shining in my windows. they just put it up on states bridge and jones bridge and its an eyesore. HATE IT

    1. Roberta Jean...know your details. The City of Johns Creek got handed this bag of crap, and negotiated the signs down from 37--with zero restrictions---down to 10.

      A petition against city council will accomplish NOTHING Call the advertisers and tell them you WILL NOT patronize their business until they no longer advertise on billboards in JC. PERIOD!

      Get them where it hurts....the pocketbook!

      1. @Mr. KnowItAll - through the negotiation process. the Mayor and Council member negotiated from 31 to 10 sites but the new sites were more favorable to the billboard company. Many of the other sites were no longer viable. But in the end, the appearance of lack of independence is creating all the issues. If politicians do not respect "appearance" and recognize the impact of this specific item on residents, there will not be any trust between residents and council members. PERIOD!

  2. Johns Creek is not a highway that uses billboards for advertising. Take it down. This is a classy side of town of North Atlanta. City Council needs to have their heads examined.

  3. For our elected officials who want to maintain our neighborhood community to have allowed these offensive billboard allowances of 24 hours lighted billboards and excessively tall billboards is why we need transparency in government to stop these type of situations. Too many decisions are made without proper community involvement.

  4. I freakin' DESPISE these eyesores littering our bucolic community.
    But it was The fumbling, bungling, ignorant buffoons at Fulton County gave us this eyetrash we not must live with....

    The city of Johns Creek had virtually NO LEVERAGE negotiating w/ these legalistic jackasses that put up this trash---ruining our communities!.

    The ONLY want to bring them down is make them go broke. Call each and every one of the advertisers and tell them you will NOT patronize their businesses as long as the buy billboard ad space, and you are telling all your neighbors to do the same.

    That's all we have to fight back! Stick it to the advertisers!

    1. Since the mayor has stated repeatedly at council meetings that the majority of traffic on our roads is pass through from other cities, how will you communicate this boycott to all those people coming through that don't live in JC?

      1. The places to be boycotted are the stores where the billboards are located such as 5 Minute Oil Change at State and Jones .Bridge. It would be hard to boycott all the businesses advertised on the billboards as they include Kroger, Publix, Wells Fargo, Stone Mountain Park, Breast Cancer Awareness, etc.

  5. Actually, it wasn't Fulton County that caused this final outcome that we ultimately faced. If you go back and look at the records Fulton County tried to settle with the billboard companies almost 10 years ago. It was the newly formed city of Johns Creek under the leadership of the Mayor and other North Fulton cities that opted to take the matter through the court system all the way to the State Supreme Court, not Fulton County. At anytime during the court process Johns Creek could have negotiated with the billboard companies from a position with strong leverage, instead they opted to take it all the way to the State Supreme Court and lost, thereby surrendering any leverage they had to negotiate. Even after the case ended, how is it that the other municipalities were able to negotiate far better deals than the city of Johns Creek. I am tired of the narrative coming from the Mayor and the city that they had nothing to do with it and it was all Fulton County's fault. While the initial issue started in Fulton County it was the actions of the city of Johns Creek that brought our city to the ultimate poor outcome of this situation over the last 9 years. I would like my city government to be honest with the facts and understand they are just as culpable as Fulton County in this matter and stop playing the victim card, they were a willing participant in this fiasco.

  6. Johns Creek residents should Boycott business that advertise and direct negative comments for supporting the use of these Eye Sores as landscape pollution

  7. Let's boycott all advertising on those boars and let's have a march in the December JC day parade to protest

  8. The City had been negotiating with the sign companies in 2013 and 2012 ( well after the Supreme Court decision). Eight sites were chosen, and no tall LED 's were in the picture. Bodker refused to go along with the recommendations. His objective was to get the best sights for the sign companies and his property owning corrupt friends where the signs are placed.He succeeded ( with help from Davenport). You are all missing the point....... It is all about Bodker lining his pockets....... And the owners of the sites. Do the research.
    Your present Council is comprised of dupes, foolish enough to go along with an unindited scum in buying a disconnected sewage treatment plant and over 40 acres of effluent containment fields for your kids to roll in. Now he wants you to vote for 40 million in bonds
    ( not to exceed 6% in annual interest....... Obviously a pre-cooked arrangement, at that outrageous rate). Another great deal ! Wake up citizens of Johns Creek. Follow the money.

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