GA6 Election Breakdown for Johns Creek

April 26, 2017

GA6 Election Breakdown for Johns Creek.


  • 18,842 valid ballots in the Congressional election.
  • 15,686 valid ballots in the City Council election

  • 83.25% of Congressional voters voted in the city election.

  • 16.75% drop off in voters (Did NOT vote in City Council election)

  • No provisional ballots and only 10 mail-in ballots

  • 2/3 of voters voted on election day

  • 1/3 of voters voted early

  • Highest voter turnout at Spruill Library 45.27%, followed closely by Autrey Mill (CCOS) 42%

  • Lowest voter turnout at Ocee Elementary School - 20.51%

  • Republican Candidates Total Vote 51.15%



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9 comments on “GA6 Election Breakdown for Johns Creek”

  1. A whole lot of Johns Creek voters, (in the southern tip of Johns Creek) voted at the East Roswell library.Too bad they couldn't break those numbers down.

  2. Yes, Johns Creek is tired of crooked politicians using our community as their personal wallet. The creation of Johns Creek was not meant to give a few individuals the right to get rich, tax, fine and regulate us to death while destroying the beautiful, quiet community we had. Take note: your reign of self serving greed is coming to an end.

  3. Interesting that NO provisional ballots were included. I worked a polling place and we had 20+ provisional ballots cast.

    1. They must have been dismissed by Fulton County Elections when they reviewed them, as no provisional ballots were included in the certified results.

    1. Messiah Lutheran is the location for several precincts.

      We used Shark Fin to describe the area of Johns Creek.

      1. Perhaps "Area of Johns Creek", rather than "Poll," would lead to less confusion. As a past poll observer, I think this would help to avoid confusion. I don't think people in our precinct refer to their poll loation as Shake Fin. Yes, JC04B is also Messiah Lutheran Church.

        1. If referring to JC10 as "poll" Messiah Lutheran, then that should be the case for all Messiah Lutheran precincts.

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