Gabriel Sterling - What's his Job? | Bizarre Dominion Contract Signing

December 13, 2020
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On Twitter, Gabriel Sterling describes himself as "Voting System Implementation Manager for GA". 

His website listed - is redirected to

Gabriel Sterling Twitter

State of Georgia Payroll

State payroll documents classify him as Director of Business Operations. Note: this Salary is approximately for 5 months and till Jun 2019. 

Gabriel Sterling - State of Georgia Employer


Bizarre Dominion Voting Contract Signing

On the Dominion contract, he signed it with “Chief Operating Officer”. He also signed the document 3 days prior to Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger. Did he not witness the SoS sign the document? Who did? Why would Gabriel Sterling sign this before his boss? 

Also, the signatures look bizarre in blue, along with the 2 letters 'me' in Name: Brad Raffensperger. The box looks augmented and lines manipulated. We received the signed contract through FOIA. It is a large scanned file. Bizarre. What happened to the original pdf doc?

This unsigned contract is listed on the Secretary of State website. See the difference in quality and lines? What happened with the original signed document? 

Dominion Contract - unsigned


Gabriel Sterling Did NOT Follow State Campaign Ethics Laws

Gabriel Sterling has been an elected official and surely knows the Campaign Contribution Disclosure Reports & Candidate Financial Disclosure Statements laws GA Code § 21-5-34 (2014). It is on the GA SoS website. He donated $100 to Yi-Jeng Lin. He doesn't list his Gov job. Per GA law: All reports shall list the following individual's occupation and the name of his or her employer. Why didn't Gabriel Sterling list the State of Georgia?


Does Gabriel Sterling have a Government email?

Gabriel Sterling used his personal Gmail ([email protected]) to write correspondence regarding the cares act funding. If he is “Chief Operating Officer”, shouldn't he have an email?  How can you operate a department without a departmental email?



Source: State of Georgia






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Thomas Corrigan

The answers to your valid questions back in December look like all this information will provide answers now.
My only can this be legal???

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