JCP Candidate Forum: Smashing Success! Mayor Candidate Alex Marchetti Videos on the Issues

September 24, 2017

It was a packed clubhouse Sunday afternoon, for the JCP Mayor & City Council Candidate Forum.

Special Thanks to Karyn Greer of CBS46, Medlock Bridge HOA & all of the residents that attended. Thank you!

All the Candidates were in attendance. Unfortunately, Mayor Bodker left early after the introduction, to attend the funeral of a former city employee. Lenny Zaprowski attended the same funeral, as was able to stay an hour longer and answers questions. Below are videos of Alex Marchetti solely answering the questions:

Mayor Seat

On Traffic Congestion

City Contracts

What are some strengths and weaknesses of our police force?

What are your thoughts on how to implement the parks plan and spend the park bond monies?

Should the city be involved in providing workforce housing?

What do you want to do regarding public works outsourced to CH2?


8 comments on “JCP Candidate Forum: Smashing Success! Mayor Candidate Alex Marchetti Videos on the Issues”

  1. It's outrageous that Alex Marchetti is accusing the Johns Creek Police Department of under-reporting or misreporting crime statistics. He offers absolutely no proof. Mr. Marchetti owes an apology to the hard working and dedicated men and women of the Johns Creek Police Department.

    1. Sam,

      Go back rewatch the video and listen to Alex.
      He stated that at an HOA meeting regarding crime, a police officer told them that Johns Creek has a low rate because they do not record all the crime.
      Alex also stated he wasn't suggesting the police officer did any wrongdoing.

      As Mayor, he would like to review the reporting criteria used for crimes and would-be crimes.

      Final Note: This question was submitted by an HOA president, that had similar concerns and was told by police during an HOA neighborhood watch meeting, that not all crime is reported.

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