Johnny Chastain bests Sheree Ralston To Win District 7 House Seat

February 1, 2023
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Says he will be: "Accessible, responsive, and transparent to all. I believe our next representative should not just talk about, but live these traits."

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ATLANTA February 1, 2023 – In yesterday’s runoff for District 7 House Member seat,  Johnny Chastain secured his position in the Georgia assembly, besting Sheree Ralston, former house member David Ralston’s widow.

Chastain, a banker,  has been a resident of the Northwest Georgia areas for over 37 years.   He garnered 52.8% of the vote versus 47.2% for Ralston , winning by less than 500 votes in low turnout of less than 13% of voters.

Chastain’s website defines his focus to include:

Conservative Christian values:  He states he is Pro-life.

Constitution Conservative: “….what does our U.S. and Georgia Constitution say? …The government did not give, nor can they take our Rights away.”  

Fiscal Conservative: “I will lead on the budget to give you and your family your dollars back  and eliminate the State Income Tax…”

While the areas above are good for Georgia, they seem to be politically non-controversial and rather like “Mom and Pecan Pie.” 

Notably absent is any commitment to ensuring Georgia’s election integrity, protection of parents rights for their children in our schools,  nor is there a focus on child/human trafficking, an area receiving ever more attention because of Atlanta’s recognition as a “hub” for these activities.

Interestingly many publications are focusing on Ralston's loss rather than Chastain's win.    David Ralston was embroiled in controversy in past years as reported by the AJC: “…an investigation that found Ralston may have misused privileges of his office to benefit his private law practice. Court records show he perpetually stalled cases for clients accused of such crimes as child abuse, rape, assault, terroristic threats and drunk driving, and for clients embroiled in lawsuits…”

As Chastain takes office, many eyes will be on his actions to see if he is willing to fight the real fights or simply take his place in the pool of fish swimming downstream. 

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