Johns Creek Newest Fire Truck - Ready for Tall Building Fires

July 8, 2018
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Johns Creek's latest addition is so big, the panoramic photo setting was needed to get a picture of it in its entirety.

Costing taxpayers $1.25million, the 100-foot aerial ladder tiller truck can put fires out in buildings as high as 7-8 stories.

Most buildings in Johns Creek are homes and are under 3 stories. Buildings with more than 3 stories, typically have solid pane, sealed windows, that cannot be open, thus building codes include sprinklers and have stairwells with standpipes for hose connections and positive air pressure for fire personnel to rescue within the building.

In Suburbia USA, the most common fire truck has a 75-foot ladder.
Johns Creek is the Exception.

This is the 3rd 100-foot ladder truck for the City. The new truck is a replacement and is located at station #61, off Medlock Bridge Rd. It has a tiller for a 2nd driver in the rear, which enhances the maneuverability.

The Newtown Fire Station #62 also has a 100-foot ladder. Both are custom built according to City Hall.

Though the trucks are Heavy Duty and top-of-the-line in quality, the City replaces them every ~10 years.


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