Left Turns to be Eliminated from 141 & State Bridge

August 16, 2015

141_2aLeft Turns to be Eliminated! The city is moving forward with the "innovative" U-turns for the intersection of Medlock Bridge and State Bridge Road.

Also called the Michigan U-turn it eliminates ALL left-hand turns.

Drivers needing to make a left will have to make a right instead, swing over toward the median and into a dedicated U-turn lane.  There a new light will be installed to make a U-turn and re-enter the intersection to cross over to go 'Left'.

Data displayed in the report submitted to the City Council show a marginal impact on current traffic and did not project for future growth.

Cost $3-4million.

Abbotts Bridge Rd & 141 is a possible 2nd location. We will keep you posted when these projects are on the council agenda for a vote.

Please refer to our detailed previous post about these U-Turns.

Update: Mayor Bodker included this project in the 2016 budget, to be voted on Monday, Sept 28th.

What are your thoughts on Left Turns to be Eliminated?


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32 comments on “Left Turns to be Eliminated from 141 & State Bridge”

  1. Where are the bike lanes? Also where did they get their picture of traffic at the intersection for Medlock and 141? The cameras on the Johns Creek website show no picture available on most of the cameras on 141 and it is black for the one at Medlock and 141. They were like this 2 weeks ago when I checked. Most likely have not worked all year.

    1. The bike lanes will be converted into additional lanes upon GDOT approval. We will publish that post shortly. As for the cameras, I'd contact Tom Udell, the traffic controller.

  2. A good reason to move out of the area. This will not help but hinder traffic flow and put bikers at risk in what is claimed to be a green city.

  3. So now u-turn traffic will occur near the high school and in front of the already busy intersection in front of publix and target? These Michigan U-turns occur in less residential areas in the Detroit area. They will cost a lot of money and will not improve traffic.

    1. I agree. This will cause more congestion. The only solution is to have either underpass/overpass at these junctions and make them signal free.

  4. The picture shows reduced lanes going through the intersection. This will only create a bottle neck that will back up for miles in all directions during rush hour traffic in the morning and late afternoon and evening. This plan looks insane to me.... how about the rest of you?

    1. This is a stupid plan and whoever came up with such a ridiculous idea should fired immediately. Our city council is terrible for allowing such bad ideas to move on. They need to be fired too. Out of office.

  5. How about a roundabout? They ensure continuous traffic flows, no need for signals and right-turns all the time. Capacities are much higher. Works perfectly in Europe, why shouldn't it in JC?

      1. Michigan u-turn is a bad idea. How will this affect traffic for JC High School students? Synchronize lights and enforce the yield to u-turns at the intersection. I sit through several lights just to go to Whole Foods from 141. Coming home from Pike Nursery, it is impossible to turn left onto 141. Lane and light is too short!

        1. With this configuration, you will no longer be able to make a left onto 141 from Pikes. You will need to go straight thru over 141, make a U-turn at the new intersection before the light at publixs. Then make a right on 141 to go north. Got it? If not there will be a plethora of signage to help you along the way....

        2. Alternatively, from Pikes you can make a right turn and go south on 141 and then a U-turn at the new intersection is before medlock crossing to go North on 141.

    1. There is not enough room. It would have to be massive. Additionally, no matter what size there would be accidents constantly. Many people have no clue how roundabouts should be used. It would not be effective in this case. There are many drivers in this area that make right and left hand turns from three lanes over, and without any idea they have nearly caused a pile up.

  6. How about synchronizing the traffic lights? How about adjusting them to hold for longer than 30 seconds for the folks making left turns on the inside of four way intersections thus permitting more than 5 or 6 cars to get through?! People run reds lights because they are sick of this! How about NOT having lights turn instantly green for one car as it approaches the intersection, while 10+ cars build up at the red light? Who mans the antiquated traffic cameras? Another waste of tax payers money... I'm in complete agreement with Maria. Fire whomever oversees this mess, who is obviously incompetent. Get someone in there with a proven track record! What we have now is not working!

  7. $4 million is too wasteful when it won't help traffic flow overall.... Council, isn't there someone with smarter idea???

  8. Grade separation is a needed investment. All these patchwork ideas are futile. It's time to invest in our community and stop coming up with excuses not to. Overpass is needed.

  9. This is a major bottle neck and needs to be addressed with a similar solution to 141 south of Holcumb bridge road. These two intersection backs up 141 for miles spreading pollution and carbon footprint in our village. We have lost too many to fatal collisions at both intersections. How did they fund Peachtree industrial(141) in 1991 when the overpasses were built is just over 6 months.

  10. What we need are those big overpasses to destroy the character of the city like Peachtree Industrial south of Holcomb Bridge. Once all of the retail becomes run down and abandoned we can be annexed by Doraville.

  11. Having watched a number of videos from around the US, I like it. Not being the test case is a plus. The worst part will be living through the construction, just like any improvement.

  12. They are only adding a sidewalk and entrance to the field. $4 million. Anyone remember the apartment project that was proposed in front of the Altanta Athletic Club? Looks like they are doing some prep work for another massive apartment complex.

  13. This is A HUGE DISASTER. Don't do it! This design will cause accidents -- have you ever tried to get over 3 lanes to make a left of StatesBridge from PIKES. NO Way-- Perimeter Church should be having fits! The Camp All American and Perimeter School traffic will be impacted. JC High School will have tons of problems. The U turns are already a nightmare in these locations. Forcing people to go Right to make a Left is going to make JC residents and those traveling through the area Extreamly frustrated.

    1. This is a line item in the budget to be voted on Monday. Please voice your concerns at the Town Hall tonight or at the Monday council meeting.

  14. Median U Turns: The intent of an MUT intersection is primarily to serve through traffic on the major road. MUT intersections have the potential to provide a relatively high level of service (LOS) to through motorists on the main street over a wide range of demands.

    Which primary road is to be serviced? State Bridge or 141? What happens when all four directions have more or less equal volumes?

  15. Not abLe to attend the townhall tonight. Traffic in JC affects the quality of life for its citizens. We have missed flights, appointments etc due to the congestion in the mornings. This U turn idea will only add to the existing frustration we have living off 141. Bad enough the bridge on Parsons makes us go all around to get home and we have been frustrated all year. This will frustrate us for a lifetime! The Council needs to put our tax dollars to better use.

  16. I lived in Michigan and experienced Michigan lefts. They are effective. However, with a Michigan left, you proceed through the intersection and then make a U-Turn, then go right At no point would a right hand turn be required at the intersection that you are wanting to turn left.

    1. The MUT link above does show examples where one is required to make a right and then the U-turn in place of a left turn. It depends on the intersection's specific design requirements.

  17. Since BOTH of the left turn lanes are full (141 SB turning left at State Bride) you will then be backing up traffic more because there will only be ONE U-turn lane after the intersection to route traffic SB on State Bridge. The U-turn lane will back up more (one lane with light) and into the main intersection. Lights are still involved and will back up traffic more. They should eliminate left turns after the main intersection and use this idea/change for people trying to get to areas nearby. Currently there are too many lights in the immediate area that are continually backing up traffic.

  18. Hate to say it but people in this town can't drive! They will never figure out how the Michigan left works. It's unfortunate but it will cause more confusion than it will help. Quit building homes and you might have a chance. Also can trucks with trailers make this u-turn easily? There are plenty of those going through that intersection daily.

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