LIVESTREAM 2pm EST: The Georgia 2024 Show! Ranked Choice Voting, Education And Corrupt GOP

February 5, 2023
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On Saturday morning, Feb 11, with registration starting around 9am, the following counties will be conducting Republican Precinct Caucuses to reorganize for the 2024 Election, due to their population over 80,000.

Sarah Thompson, [Feb 5, 2023 at 1:12:35 PM]:

...In order to properly represent one of the two established political parties in the state, it is imperative that  conservative citizens across the state attend their voting precinct caucus. At that time, they will join with their neighbors to cast votes for officer and delegates positions to advance to their county convention on Mar 11. At convention, citizens will vote for county officers. Showing up at precinct caucus is 90% of accomplishing successful reorganization in preparation for the 2024 elections. Additionally, aware citizens would be very "Republican" to invite all of their like-minded friends.

To obtain information about your meeting, visit your County GOP Facebook page, which can be accessed directly from the Georgia Republican Party site.

Ok done.

Of course visit for resources and video to explain.

Host L Todd Wood speaks with Rhonda Thomas of Truth in Education, Bill Quinn on ranked choice voting, and Sonia Francis-Rolle on her allegations of corruption in the GA GOP.

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One comment on “LIVESTREAM 2pm EST: The Georgia 2024 Show! Ranked Choice Voting, Education And Corrupt GOP”

  1. Ranked Choice "voting" is what you get when the population is dumbed down enough to disengage totally and abdicate all responsibility of self-rule to a political class that was never meant to exist in our system. They now exist to perpetuate themselves and their ever increasing bank accounts and stock portfolios.

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