Lynne Riley approves policy that snubs Businesses of Local Craft Brewers

December 1, 2015

Lynne Riley approves policy that snubs Businesses of Local Craft Brewers! Multiple media outlets obtained records requests and unearthed a trove of questionable decision making. According to Atlanta Magazine, Department of Revenue catered to Beer Distributers wishes, even asking them advice on writing policies.

In defeating legislation to provide more business for local brewers, Lynne Riley approved a policy revision that restricted brewers from selling brewery tours at different price tiers.

This policy change significantly hurt local brewers who invested thousands of dollars in upgrades and enhancements of the tasting rooms and barrel systems.

Lynne Riley, a Johns Creek resident was the former State House Rep. She resigned immediately (for this job of Revenue Director) after being re-elected.

The Special Election to fulfill Riley's seat caused a firestorm of drama between Kelly Stewart and Brad Raffensperger, with Brad spending $235k on his campaign, Kelly $146k. Their subsequent resignations left 2 City Council seats empty for over year, and a lack of representation along with questionable decision making and spending among the deficient council.

FYI Politicians: If you are going to run for office, please fulfill your term! Lynne Riley's decision to only serve 1 day of her term, has had a rippling effect of dysfunction within Johns Creek, and also cost us taxpayers in multiple ways.


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3 comments on “Lynne Riley approves policy that snubs Businesses of Local Craft Brewers”

  1. This was a major setback for the entrepreneurs and startups in the state of Georgia for Craft Brewing.

    It's always puzzling to me why Republicans, who are supposed to be pro business, do more to restrict competition than the Democrats do.

    How does that happen?

    1. That's because Johns Creek establishment is starting to look like a zoo with all these RINO's.

      Case in point is Nazeera Dawood. Lynne Riley, Liz Hausmann endorsing her and mayor Bodker the puppeteer.

  2. Seems to me that Mayor Bodker likes to puppeteer his council as much as possible. Everyone he endorses or "asks" to run for council has brought little to the board (i.e., left or barely served their term -- or they just vote whatever he tells them to vote)

    Never voting for anyone he endorses as it is just another one of his puppets.

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