MARTA in North Fulton

November 10, 2014

marta_logoMARTA in North Fulton

 What do you think about MARTA's proposed expansion into North Fulton? Would you like to see MARTA in JC?




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12 comments on “MARTA in North Fulton”

  1. Most citizens in Johns Creek do not want this. It will just create more congestion on 141 and State Bridge Rd. Unfortunately, the Johns Creek City Government wants this. All you have to do is look at several zoning cases over the last 2 years along 141 and part of the requirements for approval is for the developer to build bus shelters. You can also look at the money that was spent last year to install the new decorative corners and rest areas with the stacked stone benches along 141 and States Bridge Rd, these areas are ready made as bus stops and I believe that was the true intentions when they were installed. Now with the "District" coming on line expect there to be a big push by the JC City government for MARTA to be an integral player in the "success" of the "District". It is time for the Johns Creek citizens to wake up and pay attention. The Johns Creek City Government is making decisions based on what is in their best interest not yours.

    1. Agreed - thanks for bringing this additional information public. The City Council has not been forth coming with this information. Like an informational shell game.

      1. You don't actually believe that if MARTA wants to run in Johns Creek that Johns Creek can stop it do you?

        Dig in to what Bodker's positions are on mass transit with the organizations he represents.

        If Johns Creek could not stop the billboards, it will certainly not stop the buses.

  2. ABSOLUTELY NOT! Brining MARTA to Johns Creek would most certainly result in an increase in crime of all types. Johns Creek is not Buckhead and we don't want it to be!

  3. JC is the Kingdom of Mayor Bodker. If he wants Marta it will come. The public is not kept abreast of plans until they are well underway, and often to far along to stop or change them.
    Rezoning signs and public notices put up along the roadsides are posted where they are impossible to read. Think this is unintentional???

  4. Don't bring public transportation - if you do then traffic would only get better and would have more economic development. I agree. Let 141 become gridlocked even more where people start moving elsewhere.

    1. There actually is mass transit in Johns Creek. GRTA and Gwinnett have been running buses for years, and they do connect to the Doraville Marta Station

      Adding a third source(MARTA) will not do anything if there there is no demand for it, as we have seen with the empty or nearly empty buses visible each and every day that make their way up and down 141.

      If one has to import the users of the system from outside the area to make it work, then the system is not needed at this time. It would be the wrong answer to the problem.

      The road infrastructure has been ignored for decades. We see positive results where there have been improvements, such as Pleasant Hill Road from Howell Ferry east past Interstate 85.

      It's time to do the same in other areas of North Metro Atlanta.

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