Mayor Bodker ARRESTED: Simple Battery - Family Violence

March 9, 2020

Mayor Bodker ARRESTED: Simple Battery for an alleged domestic dispute. The Johns Creek Police responded to a 9-1-1 call early Sunday morning, March 8th. According to the Police Report, the dispute happened during a custody exchange at his house.

After gathering videotape evidence of the incident, the Police Officer arrested Mayor Bodker for Simple Battery - Family Violence. He was Handcuffed, "DOUBLE LOCKED" and placed in custody. The police report indicated Bodker was sent to the Alpharetta Jail. He spent the night and posted a $1000 bond today.

In addition, you can read the FOIA incident report of Mayor Bodker's arrest- click here.

According to the website of Atlanta area Attorney Michael Barber, Simple Battery is "The State of Georgia (by the legislature or court) refers to these crimes as Crimes Against the Person or Crimes Against People."

The case will go through the Fulton County Court System.

Lastly, we cannot omit Mayor Bodker's historical toxic behavior toward women. He has consistently treated females on the City Council in a disrespectful and condescending manner. There had been a lack of equality at City Hall for the only female on City Council, till this most recent 2019 election.

In conclusion, there has been an ongoing saga and drama through the years with the Johns Creek Mayor and his unprofessional conduct and behavior. For a second time, there is a current investigation regarding his Mayoral office corruption scandal.

Source: City of Johns Creek




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Suzi Krizan

Mayor Bodker has serious anger management issues. We all have seen it at the city council meetings. (especially towards women). We need a new Mayor, period!. Bodker is constantly embroiled in controversy. It makes Johns Creek look shady! (and not with trees). :-P

alana korol tisland

He needs to be fired and get some good city council people on the board. He's an embarrassment to all. His poor wife.

Concerned Resident

Erin Elwood and Stephanie Endres are correct in stating their concerns about the Mayor’s behavior and it’s impact on the city. Councilmen Zaprowski and Weaver need to appreciate that for an average person, this may be a personal matter, but IS NOT for an elected official and representative of our city!


Sounds like this isn't the first time he has done this given his poor wife has to hold recording devices when he's around. This guy has some serious demons that he needs to deal with and hopefully he seeks therapy immediately or sooner!

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