Mayor Bodker Hosts Town Hall: Sept 15th 6-8pm

September 6, 2016

Town Hall: Sept 15th

Mayor host Town Hall Sept 15th 6-8pm


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10 comments on “Mayor Bodker Hosts Town Hall: Sept 15th 6-8pm”

  1. Questions to ask:

    How much have we spent on "intelligent" traffic lights and why doesn't it work? How much more are we going to spend and why should we believe that they will work in the future?

    Why a "TSPLOST" which is NOT tax deductible versus a property tax which is?

    How much time weekly do you spend on transportation issues? Park issues?

    When will you actually treat transportation as your #1 priority?

    What % of Tier one projects under TSPLOST will get Fed Dollars to boot, pushing us further down the list into the Tier 2 and Tier 3, which do NOTHING to relieve congestion?

    1. It all depends on what percentage of tourists are paying our sales tax. If 30% of sales tax revenue come from tourist who do not reside in Fulton County, to make up that loss revenue if we went to increasing property taxes instead of TSPLOST, we would have to increase the revenue from locals by that amount. Depending on the tax payers tax bracket, some would benefit under the increased property tax vs TSPLOST model, some would lose out and for many it would probably be a wash.

      1. Do you really believe on any given day 30% of the population in Fulton County are tourists? There are now 1 million residents in Fulton County

        That would be 300,000 people every day having to spend as much money in the county as the average resident.

        Try again.

        1. I do not believe 30% of the population are tourist. I said revenue. I'm just curious if someone knows the number of outsiders in terms of revenue spent. I live in Johns Creek but most of my shopping is done in Gwinnett since that is where I work. When Conventions come to Atlanta a lot of sales tax revenue is spent by outsiders. Just wondering the percentage.

        2. It is FULTON county residents who will pay the bulk of the tax. We will be taxed when we are in other counties or municipilaties just as outsiders will be taxed when they come to fulton county it is a wash. It boils down to who spends the most on taxed items, that would be JC citizens since we have the most disposable income. As for tourist, We have 2 hotels in Johns Creek not exactly a travel destination. The only place that can count on tourist is Atlanta and they have a separate TSPLOST. As usual the government has found a way to move our tax dollars to South FULTON county it is called TSPLOST. This is just income redistribution plane and simple. Only 1/3 of the money is going to congestion relief and traffic projects, the rest are pet projects of politicians. If we vote yes on TSPLOST then we get what we deserve for again trusting the untrustworthy. I for one am voting no on TSPLOST.

  2. I'm voting no on TSPLOST and no new taxes until this government and their consultants improves their business management approach. Ch2m hill will rake in millions from the taxpayers for managing this TSPLOST program, in addition to the millions we're already paying them. They subcontract most of their work and mark-up their subs, and some of their subs subcontract some of their work with another mark-up. The taxpayers get hit with these cascading mark-ups in addition to other hidden fees that have nothing to do with service delivery. Ch2m hill also posted a $200 million+ loss last quarter, in addition to posting huge losses in previous quarters. Ch2m hill needed a $300 million cash infusion from a private equity firm (Apollo) last year to help with its cash flow needs and it's not working. I'm voting no on this Three-card Monte TSPLOST.

  3. Did I read the headline correctly - our Mayor is holding his first town hall meeting in September 2016 to discuss TSPLOST, among other things? Wow! 2017 is a little over 3 months away and we vote in November. This approach is not Kosher and I have a queasy feeling about this TSPLOST deal.

  4. Your JC City Manager makes $ 250,000 per year with all his perks. The Mayor of New York City earns $ 225,000 per year.

    Do you see anything wrong with this? It's our hRd earned money that the City is throwing around.

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