Mayor Bodker's 'District' Interview

March 28, 2016

Our City is brimming with talent. Johns Creek High School student, Shawn Fortune interviewed Mayor Bodker, regarding the District. Have a look at this professional video produced by Sam Schwartz & the JCHS Audio, Video, Technology and Film program.


  • The Goal is to create Total Vibrancy: always something to do
  • The District could Rival Major Cities, such as Midtown & Buckhead
  • No Skyscrapers, All Mixed Use Development
  • The Project to begin 2-5 years
  • Start with 10-30 acre projects

Interview Date: December 2015

Reporter: Shawn Fortune
Credits: Sam Schwartz & Johns Creek High School AVTF program.


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13 comments on “Mayor Bodker's 'District' Interview”

  1. Everyone is competing for the Millennials despite the fact that their participation in the labor force has dwindled over the last twenty years. They cannot afford traditional housing because they have no saved assets. Wages have been flat in the US for the past ten years.

    What group is going to work in higher and higher percentage numbers? Older adults, that is who.

    One has to wonder if this group is so attractive and has so much money to spend A) where are they getting it and B) why aren't businesses chasing them without the need of a government assistance in creating a destination for them?

    Packing more people into a smaller area increases the burden upon local government while failing to generate enough tax revenues to support the services that they will demand. So while your 1/2 acre home may only generate X amount in property tax revenues, your burden is less on the City than if you pack 10 families in that half acre and collect more tax dollars, with ten times the drain on city resources.

    If density worked, the City of Atlanta would be an overwhelming success story.

    Is it?

  2. They haven't voted on anything because they have to waste mo' money doing study after study. And who really wants "the district"?

  3. The district appears to be moving forward under the Mayor's direction. Look at the council meeting this evening. One of the presentations is by the Arts and Culture Board on a cultural art center complex made up of several different buildings. It is being sold as a cornerstone of the district. Here is a link to the presentation material:

    If the district was not moving forward there would be no need for this presentation.

    As for the Mayor's comments that the only problem with the district was the concept of going vertical then he was tone deaf through the entire conversation when the district was presented. The public had problems with the traffic, high density housing, the destruction of the residential feel of Johns Creek, the use of city funds for what should be a privately funded development, the list could continue but the items are to numerous to list here.

  4. If I read this correctly, center point for District is Arts Center. Examples given are all county projects and expensive. Is one sure that there is support for this?

  5. OMG. WHEN will this mayor be out of office? He's like Obama; screwing up as much as possible before departing; driven by ego, arrogance and hidden agendas...
    They both are legends in their own minds.

    1. To an old geyser like yourself, it sounds ludicrous. But to a young, vibrant community who wants entertainment besides bingo at the local senior center, it's very logical. Johns Creek lacks entertainment. Not a single bowling alley or entertainment facility (like Main Event, Slingshot, etc) in Johns Creek.

      1. I take my children to Slingshot, Main Event, Skyzone, etc.. and although, fun. I personally would not want a "entertainment" facility here in Johns Creek. It gets sketchy at night (and even during the day) and I am good with the entertainment facilities being elsewhere. I rather drive 6 miles (not much at all) to go to Slingshot or 6.5 miles to go to Skyzone). Not far at all really and I am good with the quiet, serenity and safety of Johns Creek. Albeit, certain areas have turned into rentals and temporary housing brings long term problems. (that is another post in itself!!)

        By the by, most Millennials do not want to take root here in JC or anywhere in the suburbs.

        So Mayor, Councilmen/women -- stop with trying to attract a group that doesn't want to be here and try to attract and maintain the group that is your bread and butter.

  6. @Anonymous - You know nothing about me. So, shut your stupid pretentious mouth. Your posts are ridiculous and almost always insulting. Your use aggressive, sarcastic and insulting tones towards those you do not agree with is growing tiresome.
    You discount other peoples opinions in order to be heard? Very shallow.
    You pick fights, attempting to stifle those with viewpoints that differ from yours. Speak louder so only your ignorant selfish voice can be heard.
    If YOU want to live in a "vibrant" community as you call it, thus be suffocated by pavement, traffic exhaust and congestion, you can go live downtown Atl, Buckhead, Virginia Highlands... There are plenty of "vibrant" areas YOU can move to. It's yours to chose.
    You are NOT in the majority here.
    For those of us that moved here and built this city, while raising our families here, are not interested in living in a "downtown" environment. The direction of the city is NOT going in the direction most of signed up for. WE are the majority.
    Take your little marbles and go home!

  7. The market for retail has been pretty much decided already within Johns Creek. Developers and Commercial real estate professionals are adept at finding opportunities.

    It's no secret that our area is overbuilt with retail space. Even the City's own studies point to an abundance of retail space surrounding Johns Creek. So what is accomplished by subsidizing more? We will generate greater strain on the already existing retail base.

    It's also not the city government's job to upgrade commercially developed space for changing markets or the age of the facilities.

    is it the City's job to come into older neighborhoods and update the housing stock with granite counter tops and other upgrades to attract affluent residents and generate more revenue from property taxes?

    Fulton County has more to gain from higher property valuations than the city, as does the Fulton County School system. Is anyone hearing from them that we must do something? No, this is a self diagnosed problem because someone at City Hall had a plan they wanted to implement,

    While we are on the role of the City, what is the deal with this Symphony Hall that they want to build with taxpayer dollars?

    Despite the fact that these musicians are excellent, it's still more or less a hobby for them. Should we build other facilities for others in Johns Creek who are also very good at what they do in their spare time? If they were full time musicians, it would still not be the City's job to build them a place to play.

    What about a 2,000 seat ball park for the City's best baseball players? An arena for volleyball? A world class tennis center for area and regional tennis tournaments? Where should we stop?

    More importantly, what are the criteria for who gets chosen for City funding and who does not? Do we need to look at the campaign contributions?

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