Medlock Bridge Rd "Freeway" Widening Town Hall

February 19, 2017

Widening Town Hall!

City Council bowed to pressure over the egregious plans to widen Medlock Bridge Rd to 6 lanes.

Town Hall @ City Hall

Wednesday, Feb 22nd 6-8pm

12000 Findley Rd, 3rd Floor


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3 comments on “Medlock Bridge Rd "Freeway" Widening Town Hall”

  1. Thank you to everyone that attended last nights Town Hall. Your feedback was clearly received and, from my perspective, greatly appreciated. I also thank all the residents that have sent emails regarding their position on the widening. Taking time to follow the topics and provide feedback is time consuming but I truly believe needed to ensure we are all represented appropriately.

    The widening project will be on the city council agenda for Monday, February 27, 2017. Please attend the meeting or watch on line so you can see this topic through.

    Stephanie Endres
    City Council Post 5

    1. ? ? ? Nice job, Stephanie, Ernest, Ed, et al.

      Let's hope in the coming days, ?Slimy ?Bodker stops using his little baby as an excuse(gotta put my kid to sleep) to call off the meetings abruptly.

      ? Honestly, this joker needs to ⚡⚡⚡quit.

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