Old Alabama Rd Deadline Update

March 28, 2016

Old Alabama Rd Deadline Update! Citizen rebuttal against the slow progress had GDOT & City Staff in full PR swing with photo ops and press releases with excuses for the delay. This pushed the completion date from Oct 2016 to May 2017, to now a new date of December 2016.

Apparently, the ground was unstable for the new road, and a $700k contract change was needed for rocks to support the new road. Was boring holes made during the engineering planning?


In January, City Council voted against spending $320k, to negotiate an expedited completion date. If the contractor CW Matthews did not complete the project by August 7th, all or nothing, the City would not be obligated to pay a penny of the $320k.

During the discussion, Councilwoman Cori Davenport stated it takes her 20-25 minutes to go (5 miles) from her house to Dolvin Elementary School. Councilwoman Stephanie Endres mentioned the cars cutting through the Subdivisions to avoid the construction zone.

Yet, the ongoing agony and disruption for the area residents were not enough for the Council to vote on spending money to expedite the project.

City Council decided to pursue pressure on GDOT and the contractor to finish earlier. Not sure how that is working out, as only 3 workers were spotted in recent weekdays.

What do you think of the Old Alabama Rd Deadline Update? Also, local tax dollars used to expedite this key construction project?


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5 comments on “Old Alabama Rd Deadline Update”

  1. I think what is going on at the Medlock/Old Alabama construction site is a disgrace. We had no trouble putting in sidewalks to nowhere but when a real problem arises no decision seems to be the answer. On several occasions I have seen "NO ONE" working for days. I am so sorry I voted for the city of John Creek to be our entity. Should have stayed with Alpharetta. My displeasure will be voiced more strongly in upcoming elections.

  2. From what I could see, it took two days for them to remove unstable soil at the bottom of the hill and fill with $350,000 worth of rocks (I assume the $700K additional expense will cover the other side of the road whenever they get to that).

  3. The reasons for this delay are ridiculously rudimentary. How can earth be unstable? Moreover, who declared "we need more rocks" to fix this. There is something we're not being told. I cannot believe they embarked on a massive road project without knowing if the ground was "stable" or not. What's the rest of the story? I can't believe no engineers were available at the time the feasibility study was made. No geologists? As ESPN says.......come on, man!

  4. Unacceptable beyond any stretch of the imagination. Time to clean house at next election. The Mayor and every council member must go (the King and House of Lords).

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