Priorities: Politicking over the People: Broadbent Hosts Flores Meet & Greet

April 9, 2017
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Priorities: Politicking over the People.

Actions speak louder than words.

While over a hundred people gathered for a meeting regarding the Seven Oaks widening, three Councilpersons (Steve Broadbent, Cori Davenport, & Jay Lin) hosted a meet and greet for City Council Candidate John Flores at the Atlanta Athletic Club.

This was even AFTER hundreds of residents showed up at City Council meeting the prior week and requested that City Council attends these very same meetings in order to answer questions and concerns.  Attendees at the Seven Oaks widening meeting questioned the priorities of those Council members who chose to attend a campaign event over a scheduled meeting to address residents.

Not all was fallen on deaf ears. Councilwoman Stephanie Endres & Councilman Lenny Zaprowski attended the Seven Oaks meeting, along with City Council candidate Chris Coughlin.

Source: Steve Broadbent's Facebook page


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