Public Art: Where'd this come from?

October 12, 2015

Does your family want to discuss this man?

Diving deeper into where this public art come from, the applications were submitted by Johns Creek Beautification.

On the board of directors is Linda Westcott Johnson. Mayor Mike Bodker's Office Director. She's introduced herself as his Chief of Staff (even though he is part time Mayor, and does not have any staff).

Cindy Jenkins - Board member, signing and submitting the artist applications. She is City of Johns Creek Transportation Engineer.

Public Art projects may only be initiated by the PAB or through a request submitted by a Johns Creek based not-for-profit organization.

Below is the recommended pieces and locations voted on unanimously 3-0, with 2 Board members absent.


Source: City of Johns Creek

What do you think about this Art in these Locations?


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5 comments on “Public Art: Where'd this come from?”

  1. Who is paying for this art?

    If it is private funds, why does the City need to approve it?

    If it is public funds, then why are we doing it in the first place?

    1. It would be privately funded to 'Lease' the art. Not sure who is paying for the installation, such footings, concrete and to transport it. The art is to go on City-land, hence their approval. It appears the City would maintain the art: upkeep, landscaping, insurance, etc...

      1. The art is on lease for 2 years for a cost of $1000/year or $2000. The artist must pay for shipping, installation and insurance, and must be present when the artwork is installed. Johns Creek Beautification is trying to raise $10,000 right now to pay for the 5 works of art for the 2-year lease period.

  2. Editor,

    Thank you for the prompt response. I've seen other bronze statues on some private properties. Do those also require government approval before display? Or must they be approved as well?

    1. Those high quality works of art are on private property. We are unsure if they required approval or were allowed within the zoning/building plans.

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