Public Hearing: Changes to Allow More Mixed Use Developments (Apartments)

January 22, 2016

With the proposed changes, buildings such as these could be all over Johns Creek

City Council is holding a public hearing for citizen commentary regarding proposed changes to the code of Ordinances.

The most significant change is to mixed use development, which comprises of residential(apartments) and commercial, office & institutional.

City Staff are recommending reducing the requirements for Mixed Use to just Apartments and Commercial or Office. This change is to make it easier to go vertical in development.

If this is approved by council, it would allow a developer to put in a development without coming before the citizens with a possible development that is not supported by the community.

Public Hearing for citizen comments is Monday January 25th, 7pm, City Hall.



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8 comments on “Public Hearing: Changes to Allow More Mixed Use Developments (Apartments)”

  1. We don't need anymore apartments! Why is the city continually pushing more development? Johns creek is crowded enough!

  2. Who says the city of Johns Creek is "pushing" for anything. This is a private corporation asking the city for permission to building a view on his/her property.
    Cut the city some slack, please.

  3. The city council should not pass carte blanche legislation to permit developers to build what that want and where without first obtaining approval. I would hope that each project be looked at and approved before proceeding. Certainly this city councils plate could not be so full that they do not have the time to rule on each project individually

    1. The Council has been filling their plate high with the Urban redevelopment planning of Tech Park (District), and the Strategic Economic Development Plan (SEDP), which is to facilitate and encourage development.

      Both of these plans will fit in with the proposed Ordinance change to allow Developers to build Apartment buildings easier.

  4. I agree with comments that oppose this new legislation. The appeal of Johns Creek will be diminished if we allow more apartments. It is clear that apartment residents are not as invested in the areas as much as single family homeowners. These developers are only interested in their bottom line. I do not understand why City staff would recommend reducing the requirements for the development.

  5. Has anyone driven thru johns creek on a sunny day. Traffic is worst than midtown manhattan durring rush hour. The insanity has to stopj

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