RECAP: Candidate Forum at Medlock Bridge

March 27, 2017

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24 comments on “RECAP: Candidate Forum at Medlock Bridge”

  1. I'm not sure where you got your information about Flores wanting to raise business taxes. I was at the forum from the beginning and Flores made it clear that he would never raise taxes. Maybe it would be better to have someone with an unbiased opinion write up a summary next time.

    1. We did not state that Flores wanted to raise the rate of taxes on business.

      Flores stated he did not think that business taxes in Johns Creek are high or problematic.

      Flores is advocating for an increased proportion of tax revenue coming from businesses.

      Because we can see how there might be some confusion in the table we provided, we will clarify.

      Watch here at the 36min mark

      Thank you

  2. Do you have any basic understanding of economics? You are still WAY off what he said. Flores said that a "rising tide lifts all boats". This is a point that people with an understanding of economics make meaning that more companies paying their share of taxes increases revenue for that city. He isn't saying they need to pay a higher percentage. He is saying the city should create a pro business environment where more businesses exist, and, therefore, are paying a fair share in taxes. This allows ALL the citizens of the city to benefit as a result.

    Almost all the people I talk to around Johns Creek that are familiar with these two individuals share the same sentiment - Flores understand the real world and real world implications. He doesn't spout off fallacies, fake statistics, and he isn't genuinely unhappy with living in this city like Coughlin. It's really easy to complain, but my goodness, nothing is ever perfect. The complaining and griping on this small blog is dumbfounding.

    I, along with my entire network, will emphatically be voting for someone who supports actual solutions and someone with real world experience - John Flores. This a no brainer of an election if I have ever seen one.

    1. What better way to "lift all boats" than by doing what Chris Coughlin has suggested and cut business taxes? What is a "fair share" in taxes? That's sounds like a very liberal talking point.

      Does Flores have a better plan? Haven't heard it.

      Please cite the fallacies and fake statistics. Don't just allude to them.

  3. Are you kidding me? I guess when you're the editor of the johns creek post you have the liberty to go and add little words like "no" where they once were not. Would you like a screen shot of your little blue chart that just hours ago said "increase" under Flores for business taxes? How convenient that you have now added that little word "no".

    1. Increase or NO increase, Flores DID NOT advocate for lowering business taxes.

      That is what DIFFERENTIATES him from Chris Coughlin, who wants to reduce business taxes.

  4. You are back tracking. The original post said "increase" for Flores' response to business taxes.

    Get the facts right and report them correctly. Don't subtly change it when called out.

    1. We clarified, upon your request.

      Why don't you ask Flores to comment for himself?

      If he can't do that as a resident, how will he as an elected official?

      1. Why should Flores answer, when his puppet master can do his joob?

        After all , 'IF' elected, all he intends to - is just please his master and his master's donor friends!

    2. Flores did say he wanted to increase tax revenues. On the other hand I recall Couglin saying there was a tax we could eliminate completely. I believe it may have been the occupancy tax or something similar, and that the revenue would not even be missed.

      Got a flyer in the mail today saying Flores believes it is the City's job to do something about jobs and empty store fronts. If so where is that money going to come from if he is not going to raise business taxes? Because it better not come out of the pockets of the residents.

      By the way, I've read the City Charter. Can't find those responsibilities listed anywhere.

  5. Flores did comment. It is in the video, remember... "watch here at the 36 min mark"?

    I'm sure Mr. Flores understands that campaigns aren't won by arguing on biased blogs. Why would he waste his time on this rather than knocking on doors, making phone calls, and mobilizing voters?

    1. If Mr. Flores doesn't think he will be fighting biased positions at City Hall with the other Council Members, he is in for a rude awakening.

      Four times out of five this city starts with a solution and works backward to support it. Now that is bias.

      You are right. Campaigns aren't won that way. But good City Council members can answer questions on positions without having to be coached by currently elected officials.

      Why do we believe he is being "coached"? Some of the answers we heard from Flores last week were verbatim the same answers we hear at City Hall. Go see the candidate forum tonight and see how many answers provided are the same ones we hear from the City.

      We need more than a rising tide lifts all boats. Mr. Coughlin already has that angle covered with his tax cuts and less regulations for ALL businesses.

  6. Flores shared the same BS we hear from establishment politicians in Johns Creek who believe it is their job to pick the winners and losers.

    The city makes it very difficult to be a small business owner in Johns Creek and real large companies will not come to Johns Creek because of lack of options for real transportation.

    Until the council loosens its over arching regulations, store fronts and businesses will not be making homes in Johns Creek. Chris Coughlin has real solutions and understands the business environment.

    Anonymous - you are the economic moron supporting the establishment talking points which have been unsuccessfully implemented for years. Think District!!!

  7. I Watched the video.

    How could John Flores not know about the Michigan U-turns?

    Where has he been? And he wants to be on council and make decisions on traffic? No thanks.

  8. Dear Anonymous, let’s talk about real world experience. At 01:13:40 in the video, Mr. Flores responds to two questions about the city’s current and ongoing Comprehensive Plan revision work. Here’s his answer: “I am not fully to speed on it”, and “being a dad with three kids keeps me away from some of the more micro level issues”. “I will have to look into it”. When a show of hands was taken to see how many in the room had completed the city’s online Comp Plan survey, Mr. Flores did not raise his hand.

    Do you want a City Council member who is this disengaged as a citizen with an important city planning matter? A city planning matter that the Mayor and local media have repeatedly urged citizens to get involved with over a period of months.

    Chris Coughlin, however, was very knowledgeable and very much up-to-speed on this topic. Coughlin did raise his hand about taking the survey. Coughlin emphasized the importance of the Comp Plan revision work.

    In the video, similar real world knowledge disparity is obvious between the two candidates with topics like the Cauley plant purchase, the ThrU proposal at SB/MB, ICC Permissive Codes, the city budget, and more.

    Mr. Flores seems like a super nice and articulate guy that you'd love to go have a beer with some time. But there’s a bigger question here than Mr. Flores. Why does our city leadership repeatedly support disengaged uninformed candidates for City Council posts? Many citizens are seeing the definite trend this time. The City Council is not a Cabinet collective for the Mayor, it is representation for the citizens. The more informed the Council members are about our city, the better you will be represented.

    1. Most people would want to be surrounded by intelligent, high-caliber, informed colleagues on city council, but not Bodker. Bodker seems threatened by intelligent, well-informed people with strong views. Bodker wants to be in total control of his kingdom and prefers being surrounded by weak individuals that he can dominate.

    2. Mr. Flores has repeatedly used the excuse of his 3 kids as a reason for not being involved or responding to constituents/surveys/etc. He used it again last night when he was asked why he has not been to city council meetings and public forums over the past few months. His kids appear to be his go to excuse.

      I applaud his dedication to his children and family. I find that very admirable. However, I have more faith in Mr. Coughlin, who finds a way to get involved despite having children as well.

  9. At the Johns Creek City Council Candidate Forum last night, councilman Broadbent and his lady friend exhibited rude behavior by laughing inappropriately when Candidate Chris Coughlin spoke. Broadbent missed a recent important meeting with the community regarding the widening of McGinnis Ferry Road, because he decided to host a fundraiser for John Flores that same night.

    1. It sounds like Steve Broadbent is throwing his support behind John Flores. Considering the fact that Mr. Flores has not provided a single solution to the problems faced by the city, this support is surprising.

      Maybe Mr. Broadbent is just looking for another puppet on the city council.

  10. The Mayor only has two hands. So now he has started using the hands on one of his puppets to operate another.

    Were you to close your eyes while Flores is speaking you can easily think it was the Mayor speaking.

  11. The write-up in the March 30th Johns Creek Herald contributed by the candidate himself makes it clear that his vision is that our roads should be turned into 6-lane highways for the benefit of those who do not live in Johns Creek. His lack of involvement in the community shows in his views. His vision will destroy the character of Johns Creek. Voters who care about Johns Creek should NOT vote for Flores.

  12. I too saw the laughter outbursts coming from Broadbent and his friend at this Forum. To say this adolescent behavior was rude would be an understatement. And this is our Mayor Pro Tem! There is frustration in the Flores support camp because too many citizens are wising up and don’t want another uninformed puppet on the Council.

    In this Forum, Flores mentioned he had finally taken the city’s Comp Plan survey after it was revealed he had never taken it in the first Forum at Medlock Bridge. He also had another “that’s the first I’ve heard of it” response to a question, this time about hazardous or dangerous materials being trucked through McGinnis Ferry. These are among the “micro details” that he is too busy to get up to speed with. These repeat kinds of disengaged uninformed answers frustrate the Flores camp.

  13. You get who you vote for. Wise up voters! See which candidate takes the time to attend meetings and study the issues.

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