Residency in Question: Does it Matter?

April 19, 2016

Residency in Question. If you've ever made public comment at a City Council meeting, there one thing you must do, before you speak. Give your address...Why?

Identify yourself as a Resident, because those comments bear more weight than someone who lives elsewhere.

So why should it be different for people serving on Task Forces, Committees and Commissions? The Code of Ordinances in the Charter, distinctly state members must reside within the City.  -Sec. 2-154b.

Definition of Resident: a person who lives somewhere permanently or on a long-term basis. Businesses can be situated in Johns Creek, that does not equate to Residency.

Rees Waite and Courtney Bernardi, both live outside the City, according to Forsyth County property records, and participated in the Strategic Economic Development Task Force. They have also participated in other City Task Forces and Committees such as the District consultant vendor selection.

The city of Johns Creek has 83,000 residents. Surely there are a few good people among them to participate in what happens here in the City, they decided to RESIDE in, and have a vested interest in the City.

What are your thoughts about Residency in Question?


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4 comments on “Residency in Question: Does it Matter?”

  1. Apologies for publishing the draft.
    Updated with complete post.

    The City is currently formulating Task Forces for various topics.

  2. Regarding another matter...who approved the installation of the hideous huge billboard on McGinnis next to La Fitness? What an atrocious eyesore this will be. Will it utilize bright blinding LED lights on the display. Johns Creek is becoming just another tacky community in its quest for the almighty dollar.

  3. Did not like the outcome then and don't like it now. The original locations requested by billboard companies would not have allowed them. Too bad the council negotiated for new spots which are now going up.

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