Runoff Questionnaire: What would you like to achieve as City Councilperson?

November 19, 2015

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6 comments on “Runoff Questionnaire: What would you like to achieve as City Councilperson?”

  1. Can someone tell Dawood that as a council member, Fulton County Schools are not your responsibility? See the City Charter for a list of areas that are of concern.

    And when she talks about stakeholders and traffic, is she referring to us, the residents of Johns Creek?

    It's good to know she would work with the Mayor and the other council members....but isn't that already understood to be what the job entails?

  2. Stakeholders? Who are they????

    More than likely Dawood meant to say she will work FOR JC Council, supporting the whims and wants of the mayor, towards making HIS dream come true of turning JC into Buckhead.

  3. If you're against massage parlors, know that JAY LIN is running so that the Asian business community can open more of them! He will also undo the sign ordinance so that Johns Creek can look more like Gwinnett County and Pleasant Hill Road!

  4. Just received another FALSE mailer about billboards today. Bodker and Cori Davenport already settled this issue to their satisfaction a LONG TIME AGO.

  5. Here is the response from Todd Burkhalter City Council Post 2 Candidate when asked the above question:

    What would you like to achieve as a City Councilperson?

    As a member of the Johns Creek City Council I would like to protect to the residents/homeowners of Johns Creek’s lifestyle and financial well-being. Protecting the lifestyle of the residents of Johns Creek means working diligently to improve areas that impact them on a daily basis. For example, taking responsible steps to ease the burden of traffic.

    • Working with neighboring cities to increase traffic flow and best utilize smart traffic technologies.

    • Creating restrictive zoning, NO NEW LOW END APARTMENT COMPLEXES. So that we do not create additional cars on our already overcrowded roads.

    • Seek innovative ideas like continuous flow intersections and traffic patterns.

    Ensuring the lifestyle of our residents also entails creating places in which families and friends can easily gather. For example:
    • Creating a better sense of connectivity of our neighborhoods and shops.

    • Maintain a family oriented nature to our businesses.
    • Protecting our Green Space. This helps us to not be overdeveloped but again offers places for people to exercise and enjoy being outdoors.

    As a member of the Johns Creek City Council I believe that we are elected to protect the citizen’s financial interests. Two of the largest ways to protect the financial interests of our citizens:
    • Protect the Values of Homes in Johns Creek
    • Reduce the Tax Burden on Johns Creek Residents

    As a Financial Planner, I often see that a home/personal residence is one of the largest investments that many people make in their lifetime. I want to protect the home values in Johns Creek.

    • Maintaining and Enhancing the Feel of the Community
    • Ensuring that Businesses are Family Friendly
    • Not Overdeveloping Johns Creek

    Currently a large part of the services of Johns Creek are paid for through taxing the homeowner. I would like to reduce the tax burden to the homeowner, so that they can keep more of their income to save, spend and enjoy. As a City Council Member I would like to:

    • Shift the Tax Basis Ratio away from the Homeowner and more towards Businesses
    • Attract the right types of Businesses to our area
    • Create a More Business Friendly Climate, relative to how we tax and engage with them in our city.

    If you would like to see Todd's responses to each of the questions posed please visit:


    ------ How about "FANCY" APT. Complexes?

    *Creating a better sense of connectivity of our neighborhoods and shops*

    ------ Me no understand!

    *Shift the Tax Basis Ratio away from the Homeowner and more towards Businesses*

    ------ HOW?

    *Attract the right types of Businesses to our area*

    ------ My 11 year old can give better answers. Please ELABORATE "right types"

    ------ You probably, even IF elected, will attend 1 maybe 2 council meetings for the 1 month term you are running. ARE YOU SERIOUS about getting all these done by then???

    ----- You must be one hell of a FINANCIAL PLANNER!!

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