"Sound of Freedom" Movie To Launch July 4th, Watch Steve Bannon Discuss With Jim Caviezel

May 19, 2023
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Since the movie was filmed, many globalist-affiliated organizations have tried to keep it from being shown. Angel Studios will launch the film in theaters across the Country on July 4th.

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During interviews about the film, Jim Caviezel has stated that the human-trafficking trade is preparing to eclipse even the drug trade. He says an estimated 2 Million children are trafficked each year around the world. Until now, with almost no attention from the media.

Steve Bannon discusses the movie with the film's star, Jim Caviezel here:

Those who wish to see the film may purchase tickets online or may purchase tickets for others who otherwise might not be able to afford to see the film (a pay-it-forward model.)

See the Movie Trailer here:

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