Sponsored Post: Royce Reinecke Johns Creek Post 2

November 4, 2019

Royce Reinecke Johns Creek City Council Candidate for Post 2.


For 40 years, Royce Reinecke has worked extensively to help grow this area, and the city of Johns Creek to become what it is today. Highly prized for great schools, residential home values, and quality of life. He helped grow a company from four to over 450 employees. In addition, with the skills and board of director's expertise, to focus our city council on improving organizational performance and achieving high-quality results.

Royce Reinecke has established himself as an independent thinker. With perspectives based on deep analysis and a lengthy record of involvement in our city.

Royce Reinecke is a dedicated resident, ready to serve on City Council Post 2. 

Royce Reinecke Johns Creek

Furthermore, find the debate videos here.

Lastly, visit Royce's website for more info.


2 comments on “Sponsored Post: Royce Reinecke Johns Creek Post 2”

  1. We definitely need more smart people like Royce Reinecke on city council. Our government behaves like a banana republic on some issues. Better solutions should be embraced not challenged.

  2. I won’t vote for Brian Weaver because his answer for every question is to defer to staff for what to do. Staff discretion is part of the problem. City council should be making the laws and staff following them. Not the other way around.

    Weaver does not have the mentality or skillset of a leader. That’s going to be a problem on council if he is elected. Royce Reinecke is the clear choice.

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