Subdivision Paving to Cost 25% More Than Expected

March 17, 2015

The City adopted a Neighborhood Paving Plan in 2014. The goal is to resurface and pave 70 Subdivisions between 2015-2019.

The City took a $4 million Georgia Transportation Infrastructure loan from the State Road and Tollway Authority. The City allocated $1.5million in the 2015 budget to paving.

The combined $5.5 million was to pave 35 Subdivisions in 2015.

During the City Council Strategic Planning Workshop, it was stated by the City Manager that the cost has significantly increased by 25% or $1.5 million, and the $5.5 million will only pave 25 of the 35 Subdivisions.

Bids came in much higher than expected, even though the price of oil has significantly dropped. Asphalt is a combination of tar & gravel.

Bids were sent out in January and received in February. This gives little time to rebid and get the project done during the warmer months, according to Councilman Broadbent.

City Council will move forth with paving the 35 Subdivisions by taking out $1.5 million from the reserve funds. The total cost will be $7 million dollars.

Below is a list of the 35 Subdivisions:


Source: City of Johns Creek


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6 comments on “Subdivision Paving to Cost 25% More Than Expected”

  1. Fairway Ridge is scheduled for 2019. All 5 subdivisions within Rivermont are not on the 2015-2019 repaving schedule.

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