Super Tower Consultant Contracts & Cost Questioned

March 15, 2015

Super Tower Consultant Contracts under scrutiny! The City of Johns Creek hired the same consultant for the Super Tower to develop the 2nd tower in the Shakerag area.

In reviewing the documents received from the City, many questions remain regarding the rehiring of Engineering Associates (E.A.) in a No Bid, Non-Competitive Process, as the consultant is an Engineer-in-Training.

Super Tower


400' Tower example.

Much controversy revolved around the quality of work performed by E.A. over the recommended placement of a 400' Radio Tower with High-Intensity Strobe Lights near houses & schools.

Lack of common engineering options to reduce tower height was also omitted.

The City originally hired E.A. for $22,040 in 2013, through an RFP for a 'Needs Assessment'.

The City utilizes the State of Georgia's Procurement Registry. This allows for a competitive bid process and Free Market Capitalism.

The City did not utilize this approach for the Super Tower, instead rehired E.A. for $45,950. The City also purchased land for the SuperTower, paying $150k for the 1-acre lot behind Pikes Nursery.

Due to public outrage, City Council backtracked and canceled the Super Tower project after spending $195k+ plus countless staff hours & resources on the project.

Questions remain about an invoice from E.A. dated 9/17/2014 for over $8k for the rejected Super Tower work. That contract should have been terminated and an effort been made immediately to minimize costs to the City but was paid out 3 months after that contract concluded.


Tech Park/Shakerag Tower

A Request for Proposal (RFP) should have been issued for the Tech Park/Shakerag Tower.

Instead, E.A. was rehired a 3rd time in another non-competitive, no-bid contract for $48k. There are No records of other vendors solicited or Request for Quotes (RFQ).

This current contract indicated that E.A would invoice on an hourly rate of $145. Invoices submitted and paid by the City do not display that, see below example for invoice of $20k...


It is also unknown as to why the Tech Park Tower contract is costing more than the Super Tower.

The building plans are same, only the height has been changed from 400' to 195' and the land survey is for the new location.

The plans are not to scale and include the strobe cables for the strobe lights to warn off aircraft, which is unnecessary due to the lower height.

The building plans also include Obsolete Antennas that are no longer manufactured and are inferior, with Marginal Survivability in High Wind.


The structure is also engineered with materials to be 400 Feet High, which could incur unnecessary costs to the taxpayers.

Additional questions remain as to why a Self Supported Tower is being used instead of a monopole.

Decatur and Grady Counties, Georgia are using 195' monopoles for the same P25 system. Also in Washington D.C. for their extensive emergency services & Capitol Police.


195' Public Safety Monopole


According to, monopole antenna structures offer significant cost savings dues to the manufacturing, delivery & installation. They also blend well into the environment and due to the interior placement of the cables and wires, have less wear and tear.


The total cost to the taxpayers for the tower construction has not been disclosed.

SuperTower land cost $150k.

The Shakerag Tower location will cost $320k.

When the final E.A. contract has been paid out, that total cost will be $116,710.

What are your thoughts on the Super Tower Consultant Contracts?




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  1. Why is the Mayor participating in day to day operations? I believe this is outside of his responsibilities for oversight - doesn't this violate the charter?

      1. That doesn't match with the Charter requirements. He is not an employee - he is suppose to govern and provide oversight. This has to stop.

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